8 Things I Get Annoyed at My Husband for Doing (That I Do Too)

Months ago I wrote about the annoying things husbands do. It wasn’t an attempt to highlight how perfect I am and imperfect my husband is. He’s human — as am — I which means neither of us are perfect, and I know I annoy him sometimes too. To be honest, sometimes I annoy myself. Instead it was to remind spouses across the globe that they aren’t alone. Your husband leaves crumbs on the counter making your head go into a tailspin? Mine does too. But here’s the thing that I’ve come to realize over the past few months; some of the things my husband does that makes me crazy are things I do too! Shocking right? Who would have thought that some of the very things that are synonymous with my eyes rollin are actually things that I also do.

I write this realizing that I am a hypocrite. I also write this reminded that I need to be better about being mindful and looking at my own self and behaviors before being quick to point out someone else’s (aka my husband’s). Take a look at 8 things I get annoyed at my husband for doing that I do too:

  • 8 Things I Get Annoyed at My Husband for Doing That I Do Too 1 of 9
    8 Things I Get Annoyed at My Husband for Doing That I Do Too

    Find out 8 things I get annoyed with my husband for doing that (surprisingly) I do too!

  • Get grumpy 2 of 9
    Mature married couple sitting on the sofa and having a disagreement

    I hate when my husband is walking around grumpy faced or not in the mood to talk. I forget that I'm not the only one entitled to the occasional off day.

  • Don’t answer the phone 3 of 9

    How dare you not answer the phone when I'm calling from the grocery store to find out if we still have eggs. "You never answer your phone." (Notice the use of the taboo word never) of course that's crap. Sometimes my husband doesn't answer the phone. Sometimes he's busy and can't. Sometimes I don't answer my phone either. Sometimes I'm making an online purchase from Baby Gap via my phone and can't. 

  • Leave clothes in the washer 4 of 9

    These days, nothing (almost nothing) irks me more than wet clothes in the washing machine just sitting there and getting gross. Except for getting ready to put said wet clothes in the dryer only to find that it's full too. Ever so often I forget to load or unload the dryer. As important as laundry is it happens.

  • Feed our baby new foods 5 of 9
    mother and 8 months baby girl with baby food isolated on white

    I know I probably sound horrible or maybe even ridiculous but I've wanted to be there to witness every new food our daughter tries and I am always asking my husband not to give her new foods without me. But I'll  be out having lunch or a special treat with her and our oldest and I'm quick to let our curious 10 month old try a little of what we're having sans husband. 

  • Eating without a plate 6 of 9

    I am the crumb police. I hate them and still frown at my husband when I watch him eating while standing up, crumbs falling onto the floor. Everywhere. But when I'm sneaking a cookie out of the cookie jar at 12 a.m. I'm not reaching for a plate or a napkin. I'm simply reaching for a cookie. 

  • Telling people we can do something if I’m ok with it 7 of 9

    For example, "We will come to the family dinner if Krishann says yes." Then I will think to myself; "Did you seriously just throw me under the bus by saying to someone the answer is yes but only if I'm ok with it?" Because now, if you tell them no they'll blame it on me. I appreciate he's talking to me before making plans but are you kidding me?! A simple "let me think about it" would have been sufficient. But wait? I totally do that too. Oops.

  • Turns the TV up too loud 8 of 9

    It seems like my husband listens to everything in surround sound which is why I find his request for me to turn down the television hilarious but yeah ok.

  • Uses the phone when I am driving 9 of 9

    I'm silly for expecting my husband to put his phone down and focus entirely on me the one or two times I offer to drive. It probably serves me right given I'm always using my phone during car rides.


What are things your husband does that annoy you but you actually do to?


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