8 Things Married Girlfriends Don’t Understand About Being Single

I love my friends. I cherish the times we laughed together while playing a creative game of Drunk Monopoly (role a double, take a shot). I fondly recall our one-to-two hour phone calls, where we chatted about our day and gossiped about mean girls, men and terrible bosses. Then, my friends got married. One by one, my amigas from childhood and BFF’s from college walked down the aisle. They have families now. They don’t have time to go out for a drink. And forget about telephone conversations; I’m lucky if we speak for five minutes…uninterrupted.

Alas, that is life of many women who are married with children. The life of a single woman is different. Still challenging and busy, but different.

Challenging? My married friends ask. Busy? They scoff.

“But you only have to worry about you,” a married friend once retorted.

Yes, we single gals aren’t on diaper duty while perhaps juggling careers, but our lives aren’t easy either. Here are eight things married girlfriends don’t understand about being single.

  • What Married Women Misunderstand About Single Life 1 of 9
    8 Things My Married Girlfriends Don't Understand About Being Single

    From dating jerks to the adventures of online dating, being single isn't all that it seems. Check out the slideshow and see if you agree!

  • We’re Busy Too 2 of 9
    Busy Woman

    I call one of my married friends. She says she's so sorry we haven't talked for months because she's so busy. Yes, I know. Me too! But, no, she's even more busy. This goes on and on. So, remember, committed gals. Being single also comes with schedules and plans. We really are busy too!

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  • Talking About Kids Gets Old 3 of 9
    Kids Playing

    I love my friend's kids but I don't want to talk about them during our entire conversation. I also don't want to talk to them on the phone. They're cute and sweet and did I mention that I love them? But it be nice to talk to my friend's about other aspects of their lives. You know, cause we only speak once a month and all.

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  • Dating Isn’t That Much Fun 4 of 9
    Bored Date

    Reminisce all you want about flirting and the times you were smitten with a date, but also remember the jerks and weirdos that you dated. They're still out there and we are still dating them!

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  • It’s Not Promiscuity, It’s Called Dating 5 of 9

    If you've been married for a while you may not know that dating has changed. It's challenging, a lot more complex, and it can include casual sexy times. I am a bit of a prude and don't usually have sex until committed but it does happen sometimes. It's dating in this day and age.

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  • Online Dating Is Not Weird 6 of 9
    Online Dating

    Online dating is just another option for single gals. Some married women know this because they met their now husbands online. Others not so much. They flinch at the thought. Mostly because many women that have been married 20+ years met their match pre online dating era. But it's not weird!

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  • Being Single Doesn’t Mean We’re Lonely 7 of 9
    Lonely Woman

    When a married or committed woman looks at me with pity, I want to scream. Did you ever think that maybe I am happy being single? Besides, not all single women are looking for a partner, or even want to get married. Some single women are happy being alone, focusing on their careers, friendships, travel plans and immediate family.

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  • Booze Heals All Bad Date Wounds 8 of 9

    After a bad date with a jerk, I wallow in my sorrow with some booze. It helps take the edge off. At least at the moment. I tell you, dating isn't easy!

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  • There’s Nothing Wrong With Me Cause I’m Single 9 of 9
    Crazy Hair Pull

    The looks I have received when I tell a man that I am 35 and have never been engaged. They're scared. They think I'm crazy. And their wives or girlfriends agree. But there's nothing wrong with me because I'm single. I just haven't found my match. And I just refuse to settle.

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