8 Things That May Be Holding You Back From Finding Love

I love being in love — and am thankful that I have found a wonderful person to spend my life with. We met a long time ago when still in high school and truth is, it seemed a lot easier to fall in love then. Sure, there are obstacles¬†to making young love work long-term, but it feels like there is a lot less that could hold you back.

If you’re looking for love, but haven’t found it yet, there are some things you may be unknowingly doing that could be holding you back from finding love. Really, we need to love ourselves and be open and ready before we can really let someone else in and it’s a wonderful feeling.

Click through and read 8 things that could be holding you back from finding love:

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    Do you fall under any of these categories?

  • Lack of Self-Confidence 2 of 9

    If you want to love someone and to have someone love you back, you really need to be able to love yourself first - flaws and all. Others can read our confidence in ourselves and if you're looking to find a long-lasting, healthy love, you need to have self-confidence.

  • Fear of Getting Hurt 3 of 9

    No one wants to get hurt and when you put yourself out there to fall in love, that is a real possibility. If you're letting your fear of getting hurt hold you back from finding love, you won't find it until you let that go.

  • Not Going Out of Your Comfort Zone 4 of 9

    If you've not had any success finding love at work or at your local grocery store, you need to be able to go outside your comfort zone. Go out with friends, go to a new restaurant or gym and put yourself out there.

  • Being Shy 5 of 9

    It can be hard to find love when you're an introvert and while you shouldn't change who you are and pretend to be someone different, you do need to step a little outside of the shy zone and work on your shyness.

  • Looking for "Mr./Mrs. Right" 6 of 9

    If you're holding out for the "right" person and won't settle for anything less, you are not going to find that person. Don't put so much pressure on it and just go out and meet new people.

  • Holding on to the Past 7 of 9

    If you're still pining over your ex or thinking too much about past relationships, you're not going to be open to finding someone else. You shouldn't, either. Make sure you close all the doors on the past for a good start at a new relationship.

  • Not Taking the Time 8 of 9

    If you're not willing to go through a few bad dates or get to know someone else and all the awkwardness that can come along with that, you're not going to find someone. You need to do that in order to get to the good stuff.

  • Being Generally Unhappy 9 of 9

    If you're generally unhappy about any area of life, your mind and heart are not going to be open to sharing with someone else. If you have a crappy job, stress in some area of life, or just don't feel happy, work on you first!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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