8 Tips for Having Photos Taken as a Couple

Surprisingly no one in our circle has had a local wedding that my husband and I have been able to attend, so while I may not be able to get my wedding fix from the pews of a church or a seat in an outdoor garden, I’ve taken to wedding blogs (yes, I still read them from time to time), Pinterest and Instagram to get my fix. Although I adore the beautiful bouquets and dessert tables nothing is more beautiful than the look that graces a newly married couple. It’s a smile that is often present in the excitement that adorns their faces during their engagement shoot and later (although these days order can vary) their maternity shoot. It’s the ability to capture moments of joy that causes me to have such a profound appreciation for photographers. They are able to capture moments, feelings and as a result present to you some of your fondest memories in jpeg form.

It wasn’t until the occasions I mentioned above that my husband and I actually took professional photos together. Prior to that and since then the pictures we take are few in between. Typically we stop to snap photos of our children or photos of one of us with them. So with the exception of the occasional selfie or one taken by our 8 year old, there aren’t many photos of us around.

Inspired by the numerous engagement, maternity sessions and wedding photos I’ve been eyeing these days I thought I would reach out to two photographers my husband and I happen to be friends with, Alex of Alex Sotelo Photography and Michelle of Michelle Lorraine Photography. They are talented, kind and have a passion for what they do, making them excellent advice givers when it comes to taking photos with your love. I asked them to share some tips for couples who are looking to have some photos done.

Whether you are engaged, getting married, having a baby or simply want to capture the two of you, you will find these tips to be of great value. In fact, I’m already thinking about our next family photos and how I will make a point to pose for some photos with my Mr. And so, without further ado here are 8 tips for having photos taken as a couple:

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  • Do a Little Research 2 of 9
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    "Do some research on the internet to get an idea of the type/style of photography you like. Browse the portfolios of photographers even if they are not in your area. Once you have an idea of the look you like, find a photographer whose style fits. The research will also help you identify poses you'd like to try or the location-type you'd like to use. Moreover, it will help you identify things you DO NOT like. Show your photographer some of these photos to make sure he or she is capable of producing a similar look." ~ Alex

  • Meet First 3 of 9
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    "Meet your photographer or at least have a phone conversation with them before you decide to hire them. It's important that you feel comfortable and your personality meshes with your photographer's."  ~ Alex

  • Rest Up! 4 of 9
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    "Don't party the night before your photo session. You want to look and feel your best the day of your photos. That means eating well and getting a good night's rest." ~ Alex

  • Compliment One Another’s Look 5 of 9
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    "Coordinate your look. I don't mean that you should show up wearing matching denim shirts but you also shouldn't look like you're heading to separate events. Clothing should be from the same season and should relate to one another. As for style and colors, think about where you plan on displaying the photos and dress appropriately. For example, if you plan on hanging a big print in your home, wear clothing that ties nicely with your decor. Also, make sure you wear clothes that make you feel good. Avoid clothing that you're not sure about. Feeling good about the way you look will translate onto the camera. If you're not sure about something, ask your photographer. As a photographer, I know what colors photograph well and which do not."  ~ Alex

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Let Your Creative Side Show 6 of 9

    "As a photographer through the years I have done many different kinds of photo shoots but the ones I've liked the best are the clients that had lent their creativity to the day. I feel that I am an artist and along with my client we are a team. It is my job to bring out who they are in each photo and tell their story. A memorable shoot that comes to mind would be the engagement shoot of Arianne and Mike Kaczenski. This day turned out to be such a memorable shoot for many reasons. The couple really wanted to be hands on with their shoot, and brought many of their own props such as wood signs that they made together from wood that they collected from Mike's parent's barn in Montana. This gave it such a beautiful back story and created a memory with elements of his home brought to California." ~ Michelle

  • It’s Ok to Do Something Different 7 of 9

    "The other element that was so unique that added a different twist was the couple included her parents in on the shoot. They created a cute, fun and quirky photo by having her father hold a sign saying "She said yes" and her mother holding a sign which read "He put a ring on it." This was an adorable way to include the whole family, from Montana to California." ~ Michelle

  • Consider Props 8 of 9

    "If I were to give a tip on how to create a successful shoot, I would say number one is be yourself and bring things in that represent who you are. This creates comfort, memories, fun, creativity, team work and a sense of who you are. You can never go wrong with bringing props, clothes, family and pets. Also, choose a location that means a lot to you." ~ Michelle

  • Relax 9 of 9

    "Relax and have fun during the photo session. Your photos will look best if you appear relaxed and natural in them. I encourage my couples to reminisce about how they met or other happy moments in their relationship. This does wonders to relax them. It's my job then to capture some great moments as they interact with each other." ~ Alex

Special thanks to Alex and Michelle for giving such great tips and for sharing their lovely work. You can see more of Alex’s work on his Facebook page and Michelle’s work on her Facbook page!


Photos provided by Alex and Michelle


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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