8 Ways a Happy Marriage Will Save Your Life

“Happy wife, happy life.” I’ve heard other married men say that before. The quote is in reference to keeping your wife happy, actually ends up making your life happy. That statement is more true than you think, especially when it comes to your health.

Recently both my wife have felt like we were in the worst possible shape of our lives. In kind of snuck up on us, but since acknowledging this we’ve both held one another accountable in regard to our health.

Making healthier changes

She has finally began a vegetarian lifestyle, which we believe is healthier. We trained for and ran a 5k a month or so ago. A first for her. And we’ve recently began exercising daily (well almost) in the mornings before we start our days.

I’m not sure if either of us would be doing all this if we were single. Maybe as a single we’d be doing it to make ourselves look good. But that is really not a major factor in us choosing to eat better and get active. We want to be healthy, and live a high quality of life together, for a really long time.

The proof is in the study

Some researches completed a study, and results of the study were shared on The study revealed some things which show being happily married contributes to living a longer life. In fact, in cancer patients they found married patients live longer than single patients.

I love being married, and have always said married life and the best life. But research is now also showing married life is also the healthiest life!

Check out some of the study findings as well as some reasons a happy marriage will save your life.

Would you get married to save your life?

  • 8 Reasons a Happy Marriage Will Save Your Life 1 of 9
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    Click through for a few scientific facts showing how a happy marriage will save your life, and some reasons it will.

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  • Singles who are sick are less likely to receive appropriate therapy 2 of 9

    The survey showed singles are 53% less likely to get the appropriate therapy than married cancer patients.

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  • Unmarried cancer patients are more likely to have late-stage cancer at the time of diagnosis 3 of 9

    Cancer patients who are unmarried are 17% more likely to have late-stage cancer at the time of diagnosis. This is because a spouse will help and encourage doctor visits. I can vouch as my wife has forced me to visit the doctor, and force fed me medicine, like one of our kids!

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  • It is not good for man to be alone 4 of 9

    In the book of Genesis in the Bible, God says "it is not good for man to be alone" prior to creating Eve as a partner for Adam. We were created as relational people, so when we have someone to relate with it shows in other areas. God said it himself, it is better to be with something (paraphrase).

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  • Built in support 5 of 9

    One of the quickest ways to fail when you decide to start an exercise program, is to do it alone. You have better chance of sticking with it when you have a workout partner. When you are married, you don't have to go find one, you live with one.

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  • Marriage brings children 6 of 9

    I've witnessed my parents help my grandparents when they began to age. I understand many couples have children out of wedlock, but I'm assuming the traditional way couples have kids, by getting married first. When you have kids you have someone younger, smarter, and stronger to help you when you are unable to help yourself.

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  • You eat healthier when married 7 of 9

    I remember when I was single my diet consisted of grilled steaks, and fast food. Now I enjoy home cooked meals daily! This will help us all out in the long run.

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  • Safe sex 8 of 9

    You can dispute whether married couples have more sex or not, but I do know married couples have safer sex. This eliminates the possibility of sexually transmitted disease, which can drastically change your health.

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  • You have someone to look forward to 9 of 9

    As you age it helps to have someone around to look forward to talking to, and doing things with. Instead of waking up alone, you wake up to someone who loves you. Growing old together is a good thing!

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