8 Ways Football Season Can Be Fun for Him…AND YOU!

Tonight, college football kicks off a new season.  Next Thursday, the NFL kicks off the start of its season.  It is that time of year.  The guys are going to be gaga over football for the next five months.  Is football season going to cause problems in your relationship?

Is love going to suffer, or can love and football coexist?

Do you even care?  I think you should.

Football season can cause friction

We live in Indy, bleed blue blood, and love our Colts.  But I enjoy all football, especially the NFL.  My wife does not enjoy any football other than the Colts.  That has caused some friction in our house some years.

If your man enjoys high school, college, and pro football, he can practically watch football for four consecutive days/nights.  Thursday, college football is on TV, Friday nights are for high school games, Saturday all day and night college football reigns, and Sunday…NFL all day!  If you aren’t careful, your quality time could be non-existent.

Football season can be fun

However, with a little planning, creativity, and a little sacrifice, you can keep that quality time and have some fun experiences in the process.

Here are 8 ways football season can be fun for him…AND YOU!

  • 8 Ways Football Season Can Be Fun for Him…AND YOU! 1 of 9
    8 Ways Football Season Can Be Fun for Him...AND You

    Click through to find out how to make this football season fun for him...AND YOU!

  • Play couples fantasy football 2 of 9
    Play couples fantasy football

    One year, we were invited to a fantasy football league for couples.  Each week, we had to alternate between who was "coach," or responsible for choosing our fantasy players.  It was fun and it didn't matter how much you knew about football or fantasy leagues.  It got both of us involved and competing as a team.

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  • Root for your alma mater, state school, or NFL team in your area 3 of 9
    Root for your team together

    Did you go to the same school or rival schools?  Root your team on!  It can create some fun and interesting events in your house.  It may even influence the way you decorate.

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  • Host (or attend) football parties 4 of 9
    Host (or attend) football parties

    Invite other couples over and make it a party.  Even if you are not into football, the ladies can hangout and the fellas can watch the game.  If you are into football and your girlfriends are, then it can be a real fun atmosphere.

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  • Go to a game and tailgate 5 of 9
    Go to a game and tailgate

    Nothing like actually being there.  And tailgating is just one big party.  The atmosphere at a sporting event is pretty exciting, and something everybody can enjoy. Especially when you get to hang out with your favorite person(s).

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  • Play flag football with a group of friends 6 of 9
    Play flag football

    You don't have to just watch the games.  Get in the game yourself!  Once again, get together with your friends and other couples.  The competitive side will come out in some people, and your relationships will never be the same.  Make sure you practice that touchdown dance before the game.

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  • Get some you time 7 of 9
    Get some YOU time

    Maybe you just can't do football.  No problem.  While he is watching the game, you can get some "me time."  If you have kids, make sure to get him to agree to keep the kids with him, so your time can be uninterrupted.

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  • Involve the family 8 of 9
    Involve the family

    Last year, the Colts partnered with a local restaurant and every time the Colts won the restaurant offered free breakfast on Monday morning.  Our entire family got into it!  Our kids love pancakes and eating at restaurants, and we loved getting free meals for a family of five!

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  • Cater to him 9 of 9
    Cater to him

    Okay, I had to throw at least one in here specifically for the fellas.  While he enjoys his day of games, cater to him.  Cook his favorite meals, prepare his favorite drinks or desserts, and bring them too him.  Tend to the kids and allow him to fully enjoy.  You may even work out an agreement where he gets one game of uninterrupted time with you catering to him.  Then, after that, he turns off the TV and caters to you.  Win-win!

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What happens with your relationship when football season kicks off?

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