8 Ways To Tell If You’re In a Long-term Relationship

I have been in a relationship for a long time and I think it’s easy to see that when you look at me. It’s not that I have it written across my head or anything, but there are some signs that people in a long-term relationship seem to give off.

Gone are the days of going out to the club to try to get the attention of the guy or girl that caught your eye and in are the days of comfortable companionship. I love being in a relationship and honestly, the whole idea of dating scares me enough to hope it never has to happen for me.

There are some tell-tale signs that someone is in a long-term relationship and if you look close enough, you can spot them too.

8 ways to spot someone in a long-term relationship:

  • 8 Ways To Tell If You’re In a Long-term Relationship 1 of 9

    The signs that you're in a long-term relationship may be easy to spot. 

  • You Don’t Answer the Phone With a “Hello” 2 of 9

    Instead you're more likely to ask your partner to get to the point, since they only call when they need something.

  • You Recall Your Weekend Plans With “We” 3 of 9

    Instead of telling your friend who asked what you did that weekend, since you and your partner are always together.

  • You Put Your Phone Down Bottom Up 4 of 9

    Instead of leaving your phone screen up. It's a privacy thing.

  • Your Ring Finger Has Tan Lines 5 of 9

    Even if you took your ring off, there is still a dent and tan line that says you're in a long-term relationship.

  • You Don’t Dress Up For The Grocery Store 6 of 9

    Instead you go out in your yoga pants and sweat gear because you're not trying to impress anyone.

  • You’d Rather Stay In and Watch Netflix 7 of 9

    Instead of going out to the clubs or bar, you're much happier just hanging out and streaming your favorite TV show with your partner.

  • You Don’t Remember How to Flirt 8 of 9

    And you're not sure when or if someone is flirting with you.

  • Your Text Are Functional 9 of 9

    Instead of flirting or fun-talking to your partner via text, they're all functional asking if you can pick up some items from the grocery store or letting your partner know you're going to be late getting home.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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