8 Women Share Their Secret to Being Happy and Single

When I tell people that I am 35 years old, single, and happy, they want to check my temperature. No matter how times have changed some still believe that women cannot find fulfillment without a man. Sure, a husband and kids will bring me happiness. I want a family and hope that I will be a wife and mother one day. But, they will make me happier. They will not complete me or fill a void because I am whole all on my own.

Other single women feel the same. My friend, Vicky, is also 35 and single. She is thrilled to finish her PhD in Psychology and is excited to add professor to her resume. As for her single status and why she is as happy as can be, she says, “I know I am enough and I am okay.”

That’s the best motto to live by.

So, how does one remain happy while single no matter your age? I asked women from all walks of life and I am here to share their secrets.

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    8 Women Share Their Secret to Being Happy and Single

    What makes single women happy at any age? So many wonderful things about life! Check out the slideshow and be inspired! 

  • Be Self Aware 2 of 9

    This is my secret to happiness as a single woman. It will continue to be my tool when I am in a relationship. I know myself so well and I work on myself daily. We are always growing, and so the learning process never ends. That's the exciting challenge.  I love that I ask myself questions and know my motivations, fears and desires. Knowing who I am makes life so much better. No matter what my relationship status, being self-aware brings a smile to my face every day.  Photo Credit: Flickr/30649191@N00.

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    Travel Open Road

    I once met a woman who was 38 and single and did not want to be in a relationship. At the time, I was only 22 and I couldn't fathom being alone and...happy. When I asked her what her secret was, she put it this way. "I am only responsible for myself. I can do what I travel...without consulting anyone," she explained. "And that makes me happier than a relationship." Photo Credit: Flickr/tir_na_nog.

  • Don’t Wait for a Man 4 of 9

    Yaritza Zayas Melendez, an MFT and entreprenuer, knows a lot about this. The single gal from Philly is happy with or without a man. "I am in a really good place in my life," Melendez said. "My career is going well. I'm learning more on becoming a business woman. I have a small but wonderful group of friends." She feels like she has it all, including her dogs and hobbies. Ultimately, she is content without a man, even though she is open to being in a relationship. She is not settling. She is living her life.  "I am not waiting (for a man) by the sidelines." Photo Credit: Flickr/indraw.

  • Love Yourself 5 of 9
    Love Me

    Much like being self-aware, loving yourself is the one true secret to happiness no matter what your relationship status. Jenny Bautista is only 24 years old and she realizes how important self-love really is. "This relationship with myself has been the most difficult relationship, but also the most rewarding," Jenny said. "I am  more positive, loving, confident, and ambitious now that I love myself fully and genuinely." Now that's how to be happy. Photo Credit: Flickr/quinndombrowski.

  • Be Grateful 6 of 9
    Thank you

    Gratitude is the key to happiness. That's why Krista Purnell takes stock in all the good in her life. "I have a strong career with plenty of growth opportunity and people who believe in me. And there are so many fun things to do and experience," she said. "I can't help but be grateful for all I have." Photo Credit: Flickr/sharynmorrow.

  • Realize That Single Doesn’t Mean Alone 7 of 9
    Sujeiry and Girlfriends

    Just because you don't have a man doesn't mean you aren't loved, or alone. This is so important to remember, and one secret that my friend Teresa reminds me of.  "I am single but I have relationships with my friends and family members," she began. "So, I am not alone." Photo Credit: Sujeiry Gonzalez.  

  • Be Fearless 8 of 9
    Sky Diving

    While on my way to Vegas for a weekend trip,  I sat beside a 65-year-old woman who is a widow. She misses her husband terribly but is still happy. Why? "Because I am not afraid," she said. She is so fearless that she even bungee jumped. Her next adventure? Skydiving at 65. Photo Credit: Flickr/trussmonkey.

  • Just Let Go 9 of 9

    We can't control when we will meet "the one," so why not just let go and flow? That's what Bianca suggests. "I let go of the need to find a man and immerse myself in creative things," she says. "The creativity makes me happy and that happiness gives me a knowing that it will happen whenever it happens. It's very liberating." Yes, it is freeing to live life and flow with the beat of the Universe. It's one of the best secrets to being truly happy and content with the hand that life gives us no matter what our relationship status. Photo Credit: Sujeiry Gonzalez. 


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