9 of the Tackiest and Ugliest Wedding Dresses

Everyone is entitled to have their own style. Goodness, I actually loved wearing clogs and overalls! But, that was in the 90s, when the fashion from Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills 90210 were synonymous with haute couture.

Now, it is 2013. It is time to dress the part and leave the neon and puffy ruffles behind, ladies! That especially goes for extra special days like our wedding day.

Unfortunately, some women haven’t learned their lesson. Here is a slideshow of nine of the tackiest (and ugliest) wedding dresses!

  • Here Comes The Bride’s Ugly Wedding Dress 1 of 10
    9 of the Tackiest and Ugliest Wedding Dresses

    Here comes the bride in a tacky wedding dress! Feast your eyes on some of the ugliest wedding gowns that have come to be. Can you imagine how terrible the bridesmaid dresses were?

  • Little House on the Prairie Wedding Dress 2 of 10
    Little House on the Prarie Wedding Dress

    If you want to marry a man on a prairie while milking a cow, this is the perfect dress for you. I just can'tsee why anyone would wear this otherwise. Photo Credit: UglyWeddingDresses.com

  • A Wedding Dress Matching The Cake 3 of 10
    Another Tacky Wedding Dress

    So, what I really want is to look exactly like the cake! That's what this bride must have decided when she created her wedding gown. Hopefully no one confuses her and tries to take a bite. Photo Credit; Barcroft Media.

  • Tacky 80s Wedding Dress 4 of 10
    Tacky 80s Wedding Dress

    This bride is taking me back to the Aquanet days! Even her hair is tacky! Let's just hope that she married a man who could see past her big hair and all that ruffle. Photo Credit: Awkward Family Photos.

  • Too Sexy Wedding Dress 5 of 10
    Too Sexy Wedding Dress

    "I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, too sexy it hurts!" And this bride thinks she's too sexy for coverage. Maybe she's a back up singer for Right Said Fred? Photo Credit: Pinterest/NutmegNanny.

  • Business Inspired Wedding Dress 6 of 10
    Business Inspired Wedding Dress

    Being a working woman is a beautiful thing but perhaps you should leave the 9 to 5 on your wedding day. This wedding dress is more like a corporate suit with lace overlay. Photo Credit: ChaCha.com

  • Wedding Dress with Masks 7 of 10
    Wedding Dress with Masks

    A couple that wears masks together stays together? That must have been the motto of this quirky bride and groom. Or maybe they were just too embarrassed to be seen in their tacky wedding outfits.  Photo Credit: BridePop.com.

  • Little Miss Muffet Wedding Dress 8 of 10
    Little Miss Muffet Wedding Dress

    Little Miss Muffet/Sat on a tuffet...and got married? This wedding dress belongs in a nursery rhyme and not a bride. Now, take off that head piece and go eat some curds and whey!  Photo Credit: BridePop.com.

  • Bird Inspired Wedding Dress 9 of 10
    Bird Inspired Wedding Dress

    Look mom, I can fly! Well, you can't so maybe you should save your "wings" for Halloween. Can you imagine her dancing her first dance with this on? Her husband may just fly the coop at first glance. Photo Credit: FashionBelieve.com.

  • New Item 10 10 of 10
    Cha Cha Cha Wedding Dress

    One, two, three - cha, cha, cha! Yes! This is the wedding dress for the dancer in you. Move over, Dancing with the Stars! You are the star of your own wedding with this tacky dress. Photo Credit: Vanaux.com.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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