9 Outfits Men Love Women to Wear

Whoever said only gay men enjoy fashion was incorrect. I have met many men who pay attention to wardrobe as much as they note football scores.

One of my exes was more into my fashion sense than I was. He always wore the best of the best and spent good money on his attire. He’s one of those men who freaks out if anyone steps on his sneakers. You know the type – those men who scrub their kicks with a toothbrush. That was him.

So imagine the pressure I felt to look like Beyonce from head-to-toe. I wanted to look just as good as he did, including losing some weight. I even began styling my hair in the beauty salon again. But he wasn’t as willing to participate in my fashion overhaul as this husband was. When I shopped for a new outfit to impress him, the bozo didn’t even compliment me.

One of many reasons why he’s my ex.

Not all men are that obsessive about labels and fancy clothes. But most men want their woman to dress up for them. Here are nine outfits that men love women to wear.

  • Fashion 101 1 of 10
    9 Outfits Men Love Women to Wear

    Fashion isn't just for models. Men want us to look great, sexy and stylish in our clothing. Check out some of the things he'd love for you to wear. 

  • Yoga Pants 2 of 10

    You'd be surprised how many men love women in yoga pants. They are casual (men love a woman to dress down as much as she can dress up) but fitted. That's the key, ladies. It's all about the stretch and tightness of it all. It's casual but still sexy. So, instead of rocking sweats at home, please him by putting on some yoga pants. Photo Credit: Flickr.com/86525452@N06.

  • Pencil Skirt 3 of 10

    Perhaps pencil skirts are popular because it reminds men of a hot teacher. Pencil skirts are also sophisticated while being sexy. Wear them with red high heels. Pick up your hair and put it in a bun. Stick a pencil in it. He'll be head of the class in no time. Photo Credit: Flickr.com/PerpetuallyChic.

  • Little Black Dress 4 of 10

    The LBD isn't just for cocktail parties. Men also love to see women in a sexy and short little black number. Once of my exes loved it when I wore one particular LBD. He said I looked like a powerhouse and a business woman. Who knew something so little could make such an impact? Photo Credit: Flickr.com/ffx-florbelasfotographix.

  • Skinny Jeans 5 of 10

    A skinny jean makes us look slimmer and hugs every curve. No wonder men love them! They actually like them more than tights. Many men complained that tights show a little too much when worn with a short top. Skinny jeans, on the other hand, can be worn with any cute little tank top. Pair them with heels or boots and he'll want to shimmy into your jeans. Photo Credit: Flickr.com/LoveMaegan.

  • High Heels 6 of 10

    These boots are made for walking and men want you to wear them high! Whether it's high-heeled boots, stilettos, or pumps, men love women who wear heels. But stay away from wedges (darn, they're so comfortable!). They don't count. And, according to some men I spoke to, flip flops are for the beach only. Photo Credit: Flickr.com/SharonHankins.

  • Sexy Underwear 7 of 10

    When women get comfortable in a relationship they often put away the thongs and put on the grandmama panties. Been there, done that! But men don't appreciate it. They want us to wear sexy underwear even if they're only seen when clothing comes off. Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons. 

  • Jumpsuit 8 of 10

    Call it a catsuit or a jumpsuit but men love it. They hug the body in all the right places and are super seductive. Just think of Halle Berry as Catwoman. Meow? More like wow! Photo Credit: Aliexpress.com

  • Short Shorts 9 of 10

    We wear short-shorts and men like-y! It makes sense. Men love it when women show off their legs. Pair it with some high-heeled sandals and a button-down shirt and he'll swear you're Daisy Duke herself. Photo Credit: Flickr.com/ThomaShawk.

  • His Shirt 10 of 10

    Ah, the oversized shirt! How I love to wear my man's (when I have a man). His smell, the romanticism - it just feels so good. Wearing his shirt also makes him feel good. Whether it's his favorite t-shirt or a button-down shirt without pants, nothing turns him on more than having his clothing all over you. Photo Credit: Flickr.com/Dollen.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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