A Look at 9 Beautiful Pregnant Brides

When I walked down the aisle at 5 months pregnant, I admit that I didn’t necessarily feel like a “real” bride.

I didn’t really feel like I deserved all of the things that a “normal” bride should have — I didn’t have a bridal shower or a bachelorette party, for example. I was only 21 and my friends and family didn’t really know how to act. Did we pretend I wasn’t pregnant? Was I happy about my pregnancy? Should they feel sorry for me?

Honestly, I wasn’t even sure at the time how I felt about it all. And while I’m glad I got married when I did, I do have a lot of regret that I didn’t let myself feel like a beautiful bride, simply because I was carrying our daughter.

Regardless of your feelings about my choices outside of marriage, I do think that every bride deserves to feel pretty on her wedding day. This is why I rounded up these real-life brides who were willing to share that they weren’t ashamed to be rockin’ a baby bump as they walked down the aisle. Here are 9 real-life pregnant brides looking gorgeous and glowing on their big day!

  • 9 Beautiful Pregnant Brides 1 of 10

    Click through for nine real-life brides whose wedding day included a very special guest of honor!

    Image via Ross Talling/Love My Dress

  • Sadie Elizabeth White 2 of 10

    Adorable! Am I the only one who loves the bridesmaids' dresses too??

    Image via the bride

  • Keri Ann at 5 and 1/2 months 3 of 10

    I love this so much! I tried my best to "hide" my baby bump and pretend it wasn't there, so I love how openly happy Keri Ann and her husband are here about their growing family! 

    Image via the bride

  • Jessica at 8 months 4 of 10

    Many of Jessica's friends and family advised her not to get married during her pregnancy, but Jessica says, "We wanted to be married so I finally said, 'Screw what people are saying, we're getting married!'"

    Image via the bride

  • Kayla at 8 months 5 of 10

    Kayla has this to say about getting married at 8 months pregnant: "Getting married at 8 months pregnant was frustrating! I didn't feel like the beautiful bride I was! It took forever to get ready and my dress didn't even fit right; I had to wear a cardigan because the back wouldn't zip up ... not to mention the heels!" Kayla, we think you look beautiful!

    Image via the bride 

  • Yours truly. 6 of 10

    Yup, that's me in all my pregnant bride glory. This is one of the few pictures I have that you can clearly see the baby bump — I tried to hide it the rest of the day! Helloo, big bouquet of flowers. Hey, it just occurred to me — do you think that's where the tradition of the bride carrying a bouquet originated??

    Image via me at 5 months pregnant exactly

  • Olga at 30 weeks 7 of 10

    Olga from European Mama says: "I was 30 weeks pregnant when I got married but we were already engaged. Usually the wedding takes place at the bride's hometown, but since we wanted a church wedding that would have been very difficult in Poland where I come from because the Catholic priests can be very strict. In Germany, where my husband comes from, it was much easier!"

    Image via the bride

  • Mandy at 5 months 8 of 10

    This beautiful bride is my cousin and fellow blogger at B Sides: The Amateur Mom. What can I say? We're a fertile family. Mandy made a radiant bride and I must say, motherhood looks good on her. 

    Image via the bride

  • Lucy in London 9 of 10

    This gorgeous bride wasn't pregnant when she initially started planning her dream wedding. After finding out that she was expecting a little extra wedding favor, she worked with Love My Dress to design a comfortable gown that still helped her feel like the beautiful bride she was. Can you say glowing?

    Image via Image via Ross Talling/Love My Dress

  • Meagan Francis of The Happiest Home 10 of 10

    I'm so glad I get to include my writing hero, Meagan Francis of The Happiest Home, in this beautiful baby bump bridal roundup. Here she is, proudly expecting (although, like me, the bump's hidden behind the bouquet!) at age 19 with her husband. She is such an inspiration to the fact that you can live the life you want — even with a baby by your side! (You can read an incredible post about Meagan's experience getting married young ... and then remarried here.)

    Image via Meagan Francis/The Happiest Home

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