9 Reasons I Love My Husband More Today

This month my husband and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. Not really too long in the whole scheme of live, but a lot longer than many of our friends and longer than some marriages. I feel like I love him more now than I did when we first got married and it’s a nice feeling.

We have been through a lot together in our 14 years as a couple. From school to children to work and life, we have learned how to balance it all and while not all times are easy, we know that we can tackle it all if we work together. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, but we’ve had a lot of practice learning how to communicate, adapt to change, and take it all in stride.

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  • 9 Reasons I Love My Husband More Today 1 of 10

    We've been through a lot together since we got married 9 years ago and there are some reasons why I feel like I'm even more in love today. 

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  • He Makes Me Laugh 2 of 10

    It was one of the first things that attracted me to him, but even after 14 years together and 9 years of marriage, no one makes me lose my giggles quite like him. We have a playful humor that just seems to work for us and while it could be confusing to others, it's our way of showing affection.

  • We’re Comfortable In Silence 3 of 10

    We weren't always comfortable sitting in the quite, but I am so thankful we are now. We don't feel the need to always be on the move or doing anything romantic to be happy. Sitting in a quite room and holding hands while we work, works great for us.

  • He’s a Dad Now 4 of 10

    There really is something incredible about seeing your partner take on new roles and responsibilities and fatherhood was one big one. Seeing his love grow, watching his nurturing side come out, and be a kid again really does make my love grow.

  • He’s Seen Me Through the Bad Times 5 of 10

    We have had a lot of bad times in our marriage -- mostly our struggle to become parents. Going through 12 miscarriages, I would not have gotten through it all without him right by my side.

  • He Supports My Goals 6 of 10

    We have made a big transition over the past 2 years from me being a stay-at-home mom to now a full time work-from-home mom. He has supported my goals and been one of my biggest and loudest cheerleaders.

  • He’s a Hard Worker 7 of 10

    He has always been a hardworker, but working extra hard to make things happen for the family is just swoon-worthy. For years he was the sole income maker so I could be home and raise our children.

  • He Gets Better Looking With Age 8 of 10

    Okay, so time to get a little vain here, but my husband is one of those people who looks better with age. He has always been attractive, but as he marks another year off the calendar, he catches my eye even more now.

  • He Loves Me 9 of 10

    He is not afraid to say it or show it and love me through my insecurities. I have always felt this way, but as I age, he shows me even more and I love him for it.

  • Through Sickness and Health 10 of 10

    When you take that vow at the wedding, you don't really ever think too much about the "sickness" part. My husband makes me fall in love with him more when I see how protective he is of me and how much he wants to make all my ailments go away. Instead of fixing everything (because you can't always), he's always there to hug me and listen.

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