9 Things I’ll Never Do In Front of My Husband

In just over a month I will have been married to my husband for 9 years. At the end of June though, we will be celebrating our 14th year together, which in this day seems like a year to celebrate.

We met when I was 17-years old and he was 18. We were still in high school and though he was in a grade older than I, we quickly became inseparable. And we have been together ever since, not even one small break or break-up in between. We moved in together after high school and went to college at the same school. We got engaged on our last year and married in a sweet ceremony the summer we graduated. I was 22-years old when I got married and now at 31, three kids and pregnant with number 4, I can say that we’re still going strong, happy in love. It’s not all roses, and it hasn’t all been smooth sailing, but we’ve proven that we can grow and still say together, which is why I am positive for our future.

One thing I am a firm believe when it comes to long-term relationships or marriage where a couple is living together, is to make sure you don’t treat each other like roommates. Sure, you’re living together, making a live together, but in my opinion, there needs to still be a hint of mystery when it comes to you as an individual. I work hard at that and for the past 14 years, I can safely say that there are some things I will never (and have never and plan to never) do in front of my husband even though we live together. Some things are just not for your lover to see, human or not.

I have a feeling not everyone will agree with every point, but for me, this is what works in my marriage. It’s certainly not my husband saying these can’t be done — I don’t even know if he would care — but for me, these 9 things I would never do in front of my husband:

1. Let Him See Me in Spanx

I wear them. He knows I wear them, but I would never let him see me try to put those things on (I can barely stand to watch myself) or take them off. It is not cute.

2. Use the Washroom

We have a strict closed-door policy at our house. As far as he knows, I never poop. I do not even discuss bowels with my husband.

3. Pass Gas

It has never happened in 14 years in front of him and while some couples are comfortable with that, that is just not cool in my books.

4. See Unpainted Toe Nails

I have really cute feet, they are quite adorable, but in the past 14 years, my husband has never seen my feet without (fresh) polished toe nails. If they are not looking their best, I have socks on.

5. Eat a Whole Bag of Chips

He would never in a million years judge me if I did do this in front of him, but I just do not find it very attractive so I would never have a who-can-finish-the-bag faster contest.

6. Coloring My Hair

I used to use the boxed hair color to freshen up my hair and when I did, he was never allowed near me until it looked good again. Now that I go to the salon, he is forbidden to come. I just do not want him seeing the ugly before the beauty.

7. Hair Removal

In any regard whether that be eyebrows, legs, underarms or otherwise, he does not need to see the work it takes to look fresh. Also, he has never and will never see me with hairy armpits.

8. Popping Pimples

Now, I do not really believe in popping pimples and I do not always have the clearest skin, but I would not ever let him see me pop a pimple. The stuff that comes out is not cute and not something he needs to see.

9. Cut My Toenails

I have been honest in saying that feet gross me out. Mine are cute, but I would still never cut my toenails in front of him. Mostly because I do not want to see him do it, but like everything else on the list, he has different opinions on what a lady should and should not see her partner do.

There are plenty of things I do allow my husband to see and nothing on this list is with his insistence. I regularly have no make up on, don’t wash my hair for days and wouldn’t care if he saw or not, have walked around with breast milk stained shirts and don’t have any problem being me. For my own reasons though, these are just off-limits.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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