9 Things Women Want to Say to Men Who Stop Calling

It’s a jungle out there in the world of dating. Men prey on women, growling like kings to catch our attention. They court us. And we cave when they flash their dazzling and hypnotizing smiles. Or in a peacock’s case, their fancy feathers.

Soon we are enamored. And then, all of a sudden, they stop calling.

This happened to me recently. I began dating a man that I met last year. We bumped into each other and sparks flew. He was so into me. He called every day and texted me throughout the day. He wanted to see me all the time. And then – poof! He was gone like Puff the Magic Dragon. Only this guy doesn’t live by the sea.

This just doesn’t happen to me. Many single women experience this disappearing act. I’ve spoken to so many lovely ladies who tell me great things about a man they’re dating one minute, and the next they say, “He went M.I.A.”

Well, we’re not taking it anymore, Mr. Missing in Action! Here are nine things women want to say to men who stop calling.

  • Pick Up the Phone, Will Ya? 1 of 10
    9 Things Women Want to Say to Men Who Stop Calling

    Dating isn't easy, and men make it much harder when they just stop calling. Check out the slideshow to discover what women really feel about this growing trend.

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  • Give Me Closure 2 of 10
    Casper Ghost

    Carolyn, a fellow Babble relationship blogger, had this to say to men who stop calling: "OMG! Just give me some closure, you ghost!" That's right, Casper. Women want closure. Even if it was only a date or two, we want to know if it's really over. That way we can delete your number and keep it moving. And not expect your return weeks later.

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  • You Weren’t All That 3 of 10

    When I asked Yanira what she would say to the men who went M.I.A, she replied eloquently, "Oh well." Well, not exactly. That's the response when we are no longer confused, upset, or angry. When we are peeved, it'd be more like, "You weren't all that — no way." Yeah. That sounds familiar. 

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  • WTF! 4 of 10
    Angry Woman

    No, really: "WTF!" Juana simply put it this way. Makes sense! That is often our initial reaction. We can expand that to "WTF! What is wrong with you?" or "WTF! I have feelings too!" It can go on and on. 

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  • Tell Me Why 5 of 10

    This is what I would want to say to the men who suddenly went away: "What happened? Tell me why you stopped calling." This not only helps with closure but it helps me learn the lesson. I want to know if I did something to turn him off, or if he just wasn't feeling it. And it's okay if he wasn't into me. I can handle that. What I can't handle is replaying every moment so I can come to my own conclusion.

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  • You Hurt My Feelings 6 of 10
    Sad Woman

    Dating can be hard on our tender hearts. So it comes as no surprise that one single gal felt really hurt that a man she was really into up and left. "If I could tell him anything, it's that he hurt my feelings. It's just not right." I hear ya, sister.

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  • Some Voodoo for You 7 of 10

    Some women are angry enough that they just want to scare the guy straight. My friend, who will remain nameless, is hilarious and says she'd tell him this: "I'm going to call my aunt in India to do some crazy voodoo [on you]." Of course, she is kidding. But he may think twice about messing with a woman's emotions again.

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  • Calling Your Momma 8 of 10
    Phone Call

    Another hilarious tactic to scare a man who's gone M.I.A — tell him you're going to call his momma! He may never go missing again.

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  • At Least Leave Me a Post-It 9 of 10
    Sex in the City Post It

    Another single gal in the city would settle for a Post-It a la Carrie in Sex and the City. She met a guy early this summer and they seemed to hit it off. They had been casually but consistently dating for a really long time. Then he just ... stopped ... calling. What would she say to him now?  "I would rather you texted, emailed, or even left a Post-It!" At least that way, I would know to stop waiting to hear from you. You don't even need to give a reason. I just want a Post-It!" WTF! You couldn't even leave her a Post-It?  

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  • You Are a Coward 10 of 10

    Men who stop calling women are just that: cowards! This is what I wish to say to the men who sold me the world and just stopped calling, to those who never returned a phone call or text, or who stood a woman up. "You aren't a man. You are a boy." Men stand up and face things head on. Boys, on the other hand, run away and hide. And with that I bid you adieu.  

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