A Hot Wife, a Better Life? New Survey Says YES!

I’m certain you’ve heard the saying, “happy wife, happy life.” It presents the notion that when a man does whatever is needed to keep his wife happy, he will in turn be able to have a happy life. On the other hand, if he doesn’t, then his life will not be so happy.

Many men “grew up” in marriage with that understanding. But new studies may prove that that idea might not be as significant as we had thought. It turns out, according to a new study, shared in the Huffington Post, the key for men to have a happy life is to have a hot wife.

Yes, in 2013 men with more attractive wives have better lives. In other words, they get more satisfaction out of marriage.

When my wife and I went from the engagement ring to the wedding ring, we made a commitment for better or for worse. I think that includes for better looking, or worse looking.

My wife is very attractive to me — but even if my wife was not attractive to me, I would still be true to those vows. Now, the question the survey brings up: would I be as happy about my life if she was not attractive or if she “let herself go?” I don’t know!

The survey only took into account physical appearance. It didn’t consider anything on the inside. Not to sound cliche, but to me my wife is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I believe this contributes to my life being better just as much as how hot she is to me.

My guess is many men feel the same way. Physical beauty pulls us in, and the beauty of their personality and character wraps us up. Either way, here are 8 reasons why men believe a hot wife makes for a better life:

  • 8 reasons why a man believes a hot wife makes for a better life 1 of 9
    My Hot Wife Collage with text2

    You've heard "happy wife, happy life." New studies say that actually a "hot wife, makes a better life." I'm sure most men agree, but why? Click through for 8 reasons why a man believes a hot wife makes for a better life.

  • A hot wife leads to more enjoyable sex 2 of 9

    One of the things that scares men from committing to marriage is that that is the last person they will ever make love to ... ever. Having bad sex for the rest of a man's life is not appealing. Making love to a beautiful woman for the rest of a man's life is very appealing.

  • A hot wife makes a man look better 3 of 9
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    Let's be honest. Have you ever seen a dude with a beautiful woman on his arm, then looked at the dude and been like, "huh, how did that happen?" The dude automatically looks better because the woman he is with does. We make up for our unattractiveness by being with a woman who is attractive.

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  • A hot wife means the grass is not greener 4 of 9

    When your lawn is the best in the neighborhood, you don't pay much attention to anyone else's. When your wife is hot, you know the grass cannot be any greener than it is right now.

  • A hot wife will give birth to great looking kids 5 of 9

    I remember getting in one of those photo booths with my wife where you each take a photo and your images are combined to produce an image of what your children will look like. Our kids look NOTHING like the image produced! Nonetheless, it was fun to imagine. We love our kids unconditionally, but having cute kids is pretty cool.

  • A hot wife today will mean a hot wife tomorrow 6 of 9

    If a man marries a woman who is unattractive, then he will doubt she will get beautiful with age. But, like fine wine, a beautiful wife today will get more beautiful as she gets older. We all hope.

  • A hot wife will boost your career 7 of 9

    Maybe this is a stretch, but maybe not. When a man goes to work, he is doing it about 80% for his family, and about 20% for himself.  Just maybe a man with a hot wife is motivated to work his butt off even more to provide what she needs. Which will in turn help his career.  Stretch, or not?

  • A hot wife gives him a sense of accomplishment 8 of 9
    1077680_10151653675779064_945408335_o (1)

    A man may not dream about weddings and marriage like women do, but when he thinks about marriage, he envisions a beautiful woman. In fact, the most beautiful woman to him. And he feels a sense of accomplishment in doing so.

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder 9 of 9

    Whether a hot wife truly makes for a better life or not is up in the air. What I do know is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but to me it is more than skin deep. What one man views as attractive may not be to another man. And a man with a hot wife may not be attracted to her personality or character. So, at the end of the day, beauty will look different to everyone, just like a satisfying marriage and life.  But for me, the picture above is what beauty looks like in my eyes, and the beauty goes more than skin deep.

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