A Love Letter To My Son’s Love On His First Birthday

Ok yes, so it’s a little early to be thinking about my son and the future women in his life right now, I’ll admit that.

But today is no ordinary day. 

Today, my baby boy, turns one.

I wonder about what the future holds for him, my son.

Who will he become?

These hands, holding on to my face for dear life, drawing me near.

Will they slide a shining ring upon another’s finger?

These lips, imparting slobbery kisses over my own.

Whose face will they one day softly graze?

These arms, wrapped so tightly around my own.

Who will they hold someday?

And as much as I am struggling with believing the fact that today I have a one-year-old (seriously, I have no idea where the last year of my life just went. And why do I still look like I’m pregnant??) I am slowly learning the lesson that comes to the mothers of sons.

The lesson of learning to let go.

Because being the mother of a son means learning, with each shaky step and dimpled grin, how it feels to live each day like it’s normal for a little piece of your heart to break. How to pretend, with a smile on my face and a brave front, to reconcile with the fact that today, my baby boy is one wobbly step closer to becoming a man.

Which is why today, I can’t help but think of the man my son will become…

And the woman who will someday win his heart.

I can’t help but think of a life filled with love for all of my children and as the mother of a son, I have a deep respect for my mother-in-law in how gracefully she has navigated the daughter-in-law dance. It can’t be easy, for us mothers, to see another woman replace the little boys who once had eyes for us alone.

I know that I will face my own dance someday.

So to the woman who will someday hold the hands I have held and kiss the lips I have fed, I want you to know that I am doing my best to raise a son who will treat you with a love that lets you grow and explore. With a love that places you above all else. With a love that knows no bounds.

With the love of a mother’s heart.

Because, I assure you, there is no greater kind. 

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