A Love Without Limits: 7 Love World Records

I recently wrote about what I would do to show my love for my wife. I thought I did something by dressing up as a cow. That is until I read an article on YourTango about the Guinness World Record holders for love. Now, I just may have to step my game up!

I dressed up as a cow including makeup on my face because my wife wanted me to. But I benefit as well. But these people in the Guinness book gave up sleep, didn’t go to the bathroom, missed meals and just went all out to show their love. I don’t know if I can compete!

Some of the things they did seem like they would be painful after a while, but hey maybe I just don’t love enough. Check them out below, as I’ve included a few of the world record holders. You can see the rest on

Here are 7 outlandish examples of a love without limits: The Love World Records.

  • The Love World Records 1 of 8
    The Love World Records

    Click through to see some Guinness Records for love.

    photo credit: Nina Matthews Photography via photopin cc

  • Longest Dance 2 of 8
    Longest Dance

    I don't really see how dancing for 35 hours straight is showing your love.  It seems like torture for me.  I hope they had 35 gallons of epson salt waiting on them when they finished!

  • Longest game of "He loves me…he loves me not" 3 of 8
    Longest game of "He loves me...he loves me not"

    331 people played this game.  Must have been one really large flower.


  • Most Expensive Date $2.1m 4 of 8
    Most Expensive Date $2.1m

    I really hope it ended the way he wanted...actually it was for charity.

  • Longest kiss 5 of 8
    Longest kiss

    Over 58 hours kissing.  No bathroom breaks, no eating, no nothing!  You know when you haven't eaten for a while  how your breath smells, or the smell of morning breath...that sounds like 58 hours worth!

    Photo credit: Facebook

  • Most marriage vow renewals 6 of 8
    Most marriage vow renewals

    This couple renewed their vowels 101 times.  Imagine: "I do"..."I do"..."I do"..."I do"..."I do"..."I do"..."I do"..."I do"..."I do"..."I do"...

    ENOUGH already!!!  We get it! 🙂

  • Longest hug 7 of 8
    Longest hug

    They hugged for 24 hours and 33 minutes.  Okay,  how do I say this (without totally embarrassing my wife and gettin me banned from writing for Babble)?  Let's see.  When my wife and I have an extra long embrace body to body like that......

    Hmmm, I wonder....(minds out of the gutter please!)


  • Dressing up as a cow and hitting up multiple Chick-fil-A in one day 8 of 8
    Dressing up as a cow and hitting up multiple Chick-Fil-As in one day

    Okay, maybe this isn't an official Guinness Record, but has anybody else done this?  Probably not.  Only me!

Would you ever consider doing something like this?

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