A Simple Yet Thoughtful Way to Thank Your Spouse

His Mrs. Her Mr. Thank youFor the past few days my husband and I have been exchanging thank yous. What started off as an assignment in a group we are participating in has turned into a daily reminder of the little ways my husband shows me he loves me without telling me. There are no essays written on a blog or penned on stationary. Instead we write a simple thank you on a sticky note and put it someplace we know our spouse can see it.

Thank you for turning on the heater so it wouldn’t be cold when I got out of the shower.

Thanks for taking care of dinner tonight.

Thank you for stopping at the store to pick up more milk.

Thank you for sending me that text message during the day. It made me smile.

Thank you for staying up to watch Grey’s with me.

This exercise isn’t about the big things. At least not to me. It’s about those small things — things we take for granted or overlook in our day to day lives because we have come to expect them.

I see what you’re doing and I appreciate it. I appreciate you.

For those who find it easier to recollect the negative things, this kind of forces (or encourages) you to reflect on your day and find those moments when your spouse did something thoughtful. Writing it down brings it to the forefront of your mind and may even remind you to be a little kinder and patient as you continue the day. Yes there are crumbs everywhere but he took the time to make dinner so you could go to the gym. Sure the kids are up past bedtime, but they are bathed and ready for bed.

So as we venture into the season of gratitude I would like to encourage you to give thanks in the form of #writtengratitude. There’s nothing like holding on to something tangible — even a sticky note.

If you decide to do one for your spouse and want to share it on Instagram, tag me (I’m @HisMrsHerMr) and add the hashtag #writtengratitude. Not only will I be doing a giveaway (as a way for me to say thank you for your participation and continued support!) but if I get enough participants I will be sharing some of them here on Babble (with your permission and linking back to your IG of course).

Hopefully it is something you and your spouse can both do, whether it is one time or daily. I truly believe that people behave differently when they feel loved and appreciated by their partner. This isn’t a solution for marital issues (although it may actually help!) but it is definitely a sweet way to express gratitude for the person you’ve chosen to love and cherish for a lifetime.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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