A Whimsical Bridal Photography Shoot

What if more brides and grooms saw wedding photos as an opportunity to let their creative sides show? What if couples moved beyond photo shoots with generic poses and big toothed grins and did things a little differently — even if it was just for a few photos? Thinking back to my own wedding planning it’s safe to say that doing something unique outside the constraints of an imaginary photo booth never crossed my mind. I had looked at countless wedding blogs and for the most part the photos looked the same, they just featured different people and wedding dresses.

The photos by Ryan Brenizer of Ryan Brenizer Photography just might inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to your wedding photos. In fact, they just might inspire you to have new photos done with your spouse, armed with some helpful tips of course.

While parents are often looking for fun and creative ways to photograph their growing bellies (during pregnancy) and babies (during the first year), sometimes we adults don’t think to explore the realm of creativity when it comes to bridal and wedding photography.

This, however, was not the case for Claudia Nalley Agrees who was a professional bridal model and, as a result took “wedding photos” often. Even so, according to My Modern Met, as a result of her husband’s “commitments to the Air Force” she had never gotten to take her own wedding photos. Her desire was to have personal photos done and have them be “as original as possible.” Unfortunately due to his military obligation, her husband was not able to be there for the shoot; however, thanks to Ryan, Claudia was still able to have a memorable photo shoot. The pictures, which can be described as “whimsical” are unlike anything Claudia had ever done and considering her profession as a bridal model that says a lot about Ryan’s ability to make an extraordinary vision come to pass.

Ryan was kind enough to share the photos captured that day as well as some behind the scenes photos. Take a look:

  • A Whimsical Bridal Photography Shoot 1 of 6
    Unique Bridal Photography Ideas

    Click through for 5 photos from a bridal photo shoot filled with whimsy!

  • Roses and Clouds 2 of 6
    Unique Bridal Photography Ideas

    Claudia looks beautiful reaching towards roses while beneath the clouds.

  • Mr. and Mrs. 3 of 6
    unique bridal photo ideas

    Since her husband couldn't be there with her this was a cute way to capture the idea of a bride and groom. It also fit well with the creative photo shoot concept.

  • A Bicycle Ride 4 of 6
    unique bridal photo ideas

    It is as if Claudia is riding a bicycle, her hair flowing in the wind.

  • Preparation 5 of 6
    130224-021905 12mm_f3.2-Ryan Brenizer Photography

    This photo gives one an idea of how various details came together to create the beautiful finished photograph.

  • The Bicycle Shot 6 of 6
    431003_10151383596391688_409474693_n-Ryan Brenizer Photography

    An outside peek at how that amazing bicycle shot came together.

Thank you Ryan for allowing me to share such a beautiful and fun bridal shoot with our readers. You can learn more about Claudia’s photo shoot and see more of Ryan’s work on his website.

Photos provided by Ryan Brenizer of Ryan Brenizer Photography via My Modern Met

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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