This Romantic Grandparent Photo Shoot Will Make You Believe in Love All Over Again

In case you needed a reminder that true love really is alive and well, allow me to introduce you to Alice Gemmel, 87, and her husband Webb, 93. The Oxford, Michigan couple have been married 68 years and share 5 children, 17 grandchildren, and 21 great grandchildren between them. And now, they’re quickly becoming viral stars.

The Webbs recently posed for a photo shoot at the request of their granddaughter Tara Paladino, who had her photographer friend Andrea of Developed Photography by Andrea capture their adorable antics on camera — and the Internet cannot get enough.

Alice and Webb Gemmel holding hands and looking into each other's eyes
Image Source: Developed Photography by Andrea

Webb, a World War II veteran, and Alice, a former stay-at-home mom, explain that while they really enjoyed taking the photos together, they did have a few complaints about the experience.

“It was nice because we will always have them but it was cold and I kept sliding down the hill,” Alice notes ruefully.

As for Webb? He enjoyed getting cozy with his wife for the camera — except for when she laid a kiss on him.

“She started laughing, so she ended up spitting all over me!” he exclaims.

Alice and Webb Gemmel kissing
Image Source: Developed Photography by Andrea

Luckily for us, the Gemmels took a break from cracking each other up to share their secrets on what makes a long and happy union. Their key to a successful marriage? Lots of arguing!

“Marriage has been the longest argument I have ever had!” Webb says. Alice agrees but says that in the end talking it out, trying to just get along, and having good communication is what has made their love go the distance.

“We had hard times starting out, one junky house after another with rats in the ceilings,” Webb adds. “Times were tough but we made a great life together. You have to work together and depend on one another.”

And clearly, in his 93 years, Webb has learned a thing or two about women, because his next marriage tip can pretty much sum everything up: “Let the Lady be the boss at home and if both are working share the duties.”

Well said, Webb, well said.

Alice and Webb Gemmel giggling
Image Source: Developed Photography by Andrea

Get ready to “awww” because when asked what they loved most about each other, Alice responded that she loved “just him,” while Webb noted that he loves his wife’s faithfulness and dependability the most.

And if you’re wondering if the Gemmel’s were really as awe-inspiring in real life as they are in their photos, Andrea assures us that they absolutely were. She shares that she was struck by how after so long together, they still made each other laugh, held each other’s hands, and looked at each other with genuine love and admiration for each other. (Not to mention, they pulled off some pretty impressive color coordination.)

Alice and Webb Gemmel holding hands
Image Source: Developed Photography by Andrea

“Seeing these two together was absolutely inspiring,” Andrea adds. “These two truly represent commitment, passion, love, empathy, trust, honor, a good sense of humor, more love and friendship. I’m honored to have been able to take these photos.”

And although Webb notes the he is legally blind and can’t exactly see the photos in their full glory, he is confident that they turned out splendidly thanks to his camera-ready good looks.

“I’m sure my hair was perfect and I looked handsome,” he says.

Alice and Webb Gemmel holding up a photo from their wedding
Image Source: Developed Photography by Andrea
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