Amazing Vintage Wedding Photos from the 40’s-70’s

When I was a little girl, the walls of my grandparents’ living room were covered in photos of my aunt’s and uncles’ weddings. I remember loving the way everyone looked in the yellow bridesmaid dresses worn at my aunt’s wedding, and the way I looked in the silky lavender dress I wore in my uncle’s wedding. The colors were perfectly muted in that late 70’s/early 80’s patina we so desperately try to recreate today with our Instagram filters and editing tools. The fashion was inspired; the men wore grey tuxedos and the women floppy bridal hats. Smiling was not required, even in a wedding portrait. As posed and contrived as these photos were, they looked so much more authentic and in the moment than the “real” tableaus we work so painstakingly to capture in the digital era.

In the spirit of that now “vintage” era, I’ve gathered a collection of vintage wedding photos taken from the 40’s through the 70’s at weddings around the country. All the photos are in miraculous color and will have you longing to look back at your own family’s old wedding photos, if only to see what your uncle looked like in a giant moustache:

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