Are You Acting or Taking Action in Your Relationship?

I’ve been writing for over two years about relationships, marriage, and parenting. I’ve created close to a thousand pieces of content that, based on feedback I receive, have been very helpful for the relationships of my readers. It’s a great feeling, but it’s also very difficult at times.

photo credit: thanker212 via photopin cc
photo credit: thanker212 via photopin cc

For the most part my life, my marriage, and my relationships are public knowledge. But not all of it. I’m pretty transparent in my writing. Even so, you don’t see the entire picture. A lot of my relationship advice is based on mistakes I’ve made or things I’m currently dealing with.

On the surface it may seem like my relationships are all together, but below the surface is where it gets hard. It gets hard because when I give marriage or parenting advice, but don’t always follow it, my wife and kids see it. My wife reads much of what I write, she even edits some of it (when she doesn’t it’s obvious … grammar errors galore)!

When she reads something and then sees me not do it or do the complete opposite, it’s unsettling. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does it’s challenging. So, the question posed in the title is to me?

Am I acting or taking action in my relationship?

I’ll answer by saying both. Both because I have already taken action on, or plan to take action on, every piece of advice I give. But I mess up. And I mess up often. Those are the times you can say I’m “acting” or better yet, just not consistently living up to it.

Fortunately, I have a wife who gives me grace. She understands how difficult it is to share your business online, without embarrassing yourself or your family, while at the same time providing tremendous value to those who read it.

Although your relationship may not be all over the World Wide Web, you may deal with something similar. Your spouse may have good intentions but fall short sometimes — or a lot of times. You may be the one who falls short or starts something but doesn’t always finish.

Grace is needed for you both as well. Both my wife and I are imperfect. We were imperfect when we met and married, and marriage ain’t gonna change that. Because you and your spouse were imperfect when you met and married, you probably realize no matter how hard you try, he/she ain’t gonna change from being imperfect.

So, look at your relationship and see where you can show grace. Did he not take out the trash? Grace. Did she leave laundry out? Grace.

The presence of grace in your relationship will bring peace and longevity to your relationship. Your marriage is not a game and you shouldn’t be acting, but sometimes you or your spouse won’t take the best action. When that happens take the action of showing grace.

How do you feel when your spouse says they’ll do something and they don’t?

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