Beyond Xs and Os: 8 Alternative Ways to Show Affection

There is no gesture that says “I love you” quite like a hug or a kiss. Even so, there are still countless ways to express your love and show a little affection. Because let’s face it, sometimes showering your loved one with hugs and kisses isn’t possible. And why limit yourself when there are other ways to show you care? With that in mind I’m sharing eight alternative ways to show your spouse some affection:

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    8 Alternative Ways to Show Affection xo

    Hugs and kisses aren't the only way to show your spouse affection. Here are eight other ways!

  • 1. Hold Hands 2 of 9

    Holding hands is a subtle yet sweet way to show affection. For a lot of us, handholding never gets old.

  • 2. Coffee (or some other special treat) for Two 3 of 9

    Perhaps you make coffee (or make something for yourself) every morning. What if you went one step further and made a cup for your spouse too, just the way he or she liked it? Taking those extra few minutes to do so just might help set the tone for a lovely morning.


  • 3. Make Eye Contact 4 of 9

    Making eye contact is an important aspect of communicating with your spouse. Even better are those longer gazes during which you look at them with loving longing eyes :).

  • 4. Pat Their Knee 5 of 9

    Ever bring your spouse to an event where the two of you are surrounded by people (many of them your spouse has never met)? Connecting with them, whether it is patting their knee or placing your hand on their back as you introduce them to someone can help them feel more connected to you, even in a crowded room.

  • 5. Actively Listen 6 of 9

    Actively listening to your spouse can make them feel loved. Listening intently to what he or she has to say and reaffirming the fact that how he or she feels matters to you is invaluable.

  • 6. Share 7 of 9

    Whether it is offering a bite of your dinner during your date or sharing the covers while snuggled on the sofa watching a movie, sharing is a sweet way of showing your affection.

  • 7. Smile 8 of 9

    Smile! It's contagious! Grinning at your spouse just might make him or her blush.

  • 8. Do Something Just Because 9 of 9

    Whether it is sending a text, writing a note, or bringing home flowers, doing something simple and sweet for no reason at all is a great way to show affection.

What are some other ways to show affection beyond hugging and kissing?


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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