The Internet Is Trolling Cracker Barrel After a Man Claims His Wife Was Fired

I love my husband and I like to think he’d have my back if I were treated unjustly — to publicly stick up for me and demand accountability of those who did me wrong. Like a knight in shining armor.

Or like Brad.

We don’t know much about Bradley Byrd from Milltown, Indiana but thanks to a series of viral Facebook posts, we know a few things — the most notable being that his wife was fired from Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and that he wants to know why.

And now, we all want to know.

Every @LodgeCastIron skillet is made in the USA and made to last. Link in bio!

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Brad asked a simple question on Cracker Barrel’s timeline: “Why did you fire my wife?” And Facebook rallied around Brad to demand answers. There are no solid answers as to why Brad’s wife was fired, but the comments are hilarious.

“You know who loved cast iron skillets? BRADS WIFE. But now she has to use regular skillets because you fired her after 11 years of quality service,” said Facebook user Casey North.

When one happy customer decided to write “Awesome food!” on Cracker Barrel’s timeline, a lady named Melanie was quick to clap back with “Brad’s wife is awesome.”

That madness only continued from there. When an unhappy customer complains about his meatloaf being undercooked, Cracker Barrel’s response was to request the customer contact them via private message, which led to a flood of other Brad-related responses:

“Brad’s wife could have cooked it all the way,” one user said. Another commented, “Would you care to get Brad’s wife’s contact info so you could privately message her an explanation for the travesty of her undue termination?”


As the saga began to unfold, and hashtag #JusticeForBradsWife gathered momentum, Cracker Barrel’s Facebook page has become a battleground. At this point, we all love Brad’s wife. Because even though we have zero details on the firing of Brad’s wife, nor do we know what she (gasp) might have done to deserve termination, we are kind of rooting for her.

“You monsters fired Brad’s wife. Your evil knows no bound,” said another.

But those biscuits, though!

Another user vented, “Clearly you’re not answering the masses … Brad’s wife would.”

So, how did the firing of Brad’s wife become such a sensation? The dialog on Cracker Barrel’s Facebook page has taken on a life of its own thanks to users sharing the conversations. Included are screenshots reposted by comedian Amiri King, which have received 41K likes and 95K shares, and a post by Samantha Windham that has 10K shares.

“I saw the posts and got curious,” Windham tells Babble. “I went back and starting screenshotting from Brad’s first post. I had to share this with the world.”

And the world is glad she did! Who knows what the future holds for Brad’s wife but one thing’s for sure: she has a lot of people in her corner — so many in fact that there is a petition with over 12K signatures to get justice for Brad’s wife. The Internet is a hilarious place.

I still want that biscuit. I hope Brad’s wife understands.

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