Call Me 007! 10 Secrets Women Hide from Men

One of my favorite Madonna songs is “Secrets.” She hums before singing, “My baby’s got a secret.” In this case, she speaks of learning to love herself. That is the secret that her “baby” shares.

In other relationships, when a man is keeping things from his woman, it’s not so sweet, is it? This top secret information can change the relationship dynamic, and so the secret remains a secret. But what if I told you that women keep secrets too? I have kept many things from former significant others. I have hidden my feelings, including the following:

“You made me feel worthless.”

Then there are those secrets that hide my crazy antics, like these:

“I wasn’t really in love with you but I said so to get an emotional response from you.”

“I called the other girl you were dating and threatened to kick her booty if she didn’t go away.”

Yeah. Those secrets should have never seen the light of day, or this page. Luckily, the men I kept these secrets from don’t read any of my content. I hope.

So, what secrets do other women hide from significant others? Here they are courtesy of YourTango, friends, and yours truly.

  • Women Share the Skeletons in their Closets 1 of 11
    10 Secrets Women Hide From Men

    We all have skeletons in our closets and these brave women shared their secrets. Some women have even hidden this information from significant others. Check out the slideshow to see if you relate! 

  • I’ve Slept With Many Men 2 of 11
    Bed Sheets

    Many women hide their "number" or simply lie about how many men they have bedded. Why? The double standard. They don't want to be judged. They don't want men to think they are only good for one thing. You'd be surprised how many women and men still judge women who are sexually free. 

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  • I Used to Be Overweight 3 of 11
    Overweight Scale

    Weight is a touchy subject for women. We are bombarded by specific standards of beauty that consist of skinny and skinnier. So, it's no wonder women won't admit they were once overweight in high school. They don't share this information because they have shed that old skin, literally. They don't want to feel like that overweight girl that was overlooked or teased.

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  • I’ve Had Plastic Surgery 4 of 11
    Plastic Surgery

    Do you remember the show The Swan? I can't forget it. Women went on this reality show to transform themselves from "ugly ducklings" to "swans" with plastic surgery. Do you think they tell the new men they date that they had extensive plastic surgery? Not at all.

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  • I Was a Virgin for a Long Time 5 of 11

    Once upon a time, being a virgin was something to be proud of. Now, women are ashamed to admit they are still virgins, or that they lost their virginity later in life. But why? Well, cause it's not cool. Or so they say. There goes that double standard again.  

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  • A Man Has Never Told Me He Loved Me 6 of 11
    Heart Break

    This is the truth. My truth. I have never heard the words "I love you" from a significant other. They'll agree or nod or say, "Me too," or "Ditto," like Patrick Swayze's character in Ghost. I've heard it in Spanish, which is "Te quiero." But not "I love you." This is hard for me to admit in relationships because it makes me feel like maybe these men didn't love me. That potential truth doesn't make me feel assured that the next man will. 

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  • I Have Cheated on Every Man I’ve Been With 7 of 11
    Deep Red Lipstick

    I can't imagine admitting to this because of the judgment that comes with such a big truth. This one comes from a YourTango reader. She keeps it for that very reason, I'm sure. Imagine how hard that would be to admit? It shows character flaws. It creates trust issues. You will be questioned by your new man. Maybe some secrets are better left untold. 

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  • I Have Been Abused 8 of 11
    Sad Woman

    Whether the abuse was physical, sexual or mental, this is one heavy burden to bear. Abuse shapes the lives of those who have been abused. It affects romantic relationships and the relationship with yourself. So, I think it's very important to share this information with your partner. He may understand you better after this secret has been revealed. 

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  • I Don’t Deserve Love 9 of 11
    Don't See Love

    This is a deep secret that is not easy to acknowledge, nevermind say aloud. But some women do feel this way. They feel unlovable. I did once. I didn't think I deserved love. I never told the men I dated how broken I was. I didn't want to scare them, or worse, drive them away. So, I understand the need to keep this secret. I'm happy to share it because I no longer feel this way about myself.

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  • I’ve Gone to Therapy 10 of 11
    Counseling Session

    Therapy? Big deal! That's what you may think. It's my thought. But not all men were created equal when it comes to their openness to counseling and psychiatry. This may turn men off, especially those macho men who don't believe in therapy. And they may think there's something "wrong" with you. Cause, you know, people who seek support and help are weird. Freaking ignorance.

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  • I’ve Gone to Jail 11 of 11

    If a guy told me he's served time, I may run before giving him a chance to explain. What can I say? I am a coward! Imagine how difficult it would be to divulge this information to a new man? He may find it sexy for a minute — until she shares why she was arrested. Gulp.

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