Can You (or Your Relationship) Handle Any More Cold Days?

This has been the worst winter since I was 3 years old. Snow, freezing temps, followed by snow and more freezing temps has been the norm. Last week we finally got a “warm spell.” But tonight, I heard the worst. We are expected to get 6-8″ of snow and more freezing rain this weekend. I don’t know if I can take it anymore!

The effect of cold weather on your relationship:

This cold weather changes everything. We see some of the changes in the world around us; trees lose their leaves, temperatures drop, and the ground becomes blanketed in white. Some changes even take place within us.

Winter can often put you in a bleak mood, and negativity can become contagious. It can be a challenge to ‘keep your love warm’ in the winter, but it is your duty to love your spouse throughout all of the seasons of the year.

medium_12074716593Don’t let the woes of winter poison your relationship. There are plenty of ways to maintain a burning passion even when everything else is freezing.

A few tips for keeping your love warm despite the cold:

I recently read an article on about keeping love warm in the winter. The article gave plenty of practical tips for wintertime love. For example, try making a hot beverage for your partner. This simple act  will warm them up and brighten their day. Hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and coffee are a few great options.

Another tip from YourTango is to give your partner a foot soak and massage. If massages aren’t your specialty, you can always pay for your partner to get it done at a quality spa.

One of the best ways to stay warm:

There are multiple ways to keep your love warm in the winter, but the best way to do so is to simply appreciate your partner. Love isn’t passive; if we don’t augment it with little acts of selflessness, how will our partner know the extent of our love? If we don’t constantly remind our partners of how wonderful they are, how will they know how much they mean to us?

Winter or cold weather doesn’t have to be a period of drought in your relationship. Instead of complaining about something you can’t control, use it to your advantage.

Make winter an opportunity to show your spouse love and appreciation. The weather may be cold, but your love doesn’t have to be.

How are you and your relationship holding up this frigid winter?

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