Cell Phones and Dating: 9 Things You Should Avoid Doing

It is rare for most of us to be caught without our cell phones in tow. Leaving the house without it will prompt the majority of us to head back home for it before proceeding to our destination. Some of us feel naked without our phones while others get bored after having come to rely on it for “around the clock” entertainment. After reading an article on Your Tango that explored “digital etiquette” don’ts while dating when it comes to texting, it got me thinking about some of the don’ts that apply to cell phone usage in general. Pulling from my own experiences and observations I decided to share 9 digital etiquette don’ts.

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    Cell Phones and Dating

    Click through for 9 digital etiquette don'ts when it comes to your cell phone usage and dating.

  • Selfies at the dinner table 2 of 10
    digital etiquette don'ts

    Let's face it, selfies are here to stay but there is a time and place for them, and taking them at the dinner table probably isn't all that polite. Unless of course your date is taking them, then by all means strike a pose. Or better yet, ask the waiter or waitress to take a picture of the two of you.

  • Texting 3 of 10
    digital etiquette don'ts

    If you are texting during the date that means you aren't paying attention to the person you are with. It's especially rude, cracking up over a friend's hilarious text message and not letting your date in on the joke.

  • Instagraming your date’s food 4 of 10
    digital etiquette don'ts

    From time to time I will photograph what I am eating. Especially if it is on the sweet side of the food pyramid. But my worst Instagram offenses have been when I wanted to photograph what my husband was eating.  Imagine the look on his face when I say, "Wait don't eat that yet, I want to take a picture."

  • Talking on the phone 5 of 10

    Sure, silence is sometimes awkward for people, especially during the first date or so, but perhaps even more awkward is listening to your date talk on the phone to their best friend or relative the entire way to your destination.

  • Internet browsing or shopping 6 of 10
    digital etiquette don'ts

    Yes, the Target app makes shopping from your cell phone really easy and Facebook has made it possible for you to know what everyone is doing at the moment but you aren't hanging solo. Save the shopping and Facebooking for later.

  • Playing with apps 7 of 10

    Enough with the apps please. Unless it is a game you both can play or you're checking out an app for couples save it for later. After the date, by all means, try out those dating apps you downloaded.

  • Not silencing your phone 8 of 10
    digital etiquette don'ts

    So you were involved in a group chat via text message with your friends before the date. The conversation is continuing but you have to go so you are no longer a part of it. Rather constantly picking up your phone to silence it consider turning the sound off entirely.

  • Responding to work emails 9 of 10
    digital etiquette don'ts

    If there is a possibility that you will have to respond to work emails and calls give your date a heads up. Otherwise if you are off the clock and it's not an emergency it can wait.

  • Sitting your phone on the dinner table 10 of 10

    Unless you are expecting an important call pockets or purses work wonders for holding cell phones. Having it on the dinner table results in it being a distraction.

Now, I’m going to admit that I have committed some of these digital etiquette don’ts and I’ve sat there (sometimes annoyed) while my husband has too. But as I continue to work towards my goal of unplugging more often, and knowing how rare it is for my Mr. and I to get time with just the two of us, I try to spend more time focused on my guy than my iPhone. There is a lot happening online and thanks to social media and the internet we can read all about it and see photos in real time. But, there’s also a lot happening right in front of us, moments to be experienced and felt not just Instagramed, tweeted or texted. And of course, for those of us eager to do a little sharing there’s always the #lategram and #latergram perfect for some post date social sharing. For more on digital etiquette and dating visit Your Tango. What are some other don’ts when it comes to cell phones and dating?

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