Churchgoers Have The Best Sex, Study Finds

Well, apparently, if you find your love life in the bedroom to be a bit lacking, there may be a bit of an unconventional solution for you and your partner…

Going to church. 

According to a study started in 1992 by the University of Chicago, married couples who reported having the best sex had two things in common:

1) They went to church weekly

2) Had a low amount of sexual partners

Interestingly enough, the study found that the type of religion didn’t matter, as long as couples were attending some sort of worship together in a weekly and regular fashion.

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In an article appearing on U.S. News, Patrick Fagan, a representative of the Family Research Council, was quoted as saying, “Those who worship God weekly have the best sex. I want to see this on the cover of Playboy sometime.”

Fagan also pointed out that the data on people with fewer sexual partners reporting better sex lives might originate from the fact that they have nothing to compare it to.  “It’s the only sex they’ll ever know,” he said.

Rev. Andrew Greenley released a book in 1994 that also supported the theory that religion can boost your sex life. His findings looked specifically at Catholics (which I guess makes sense, considering he’s a priest and all) and found that:

  • 68% of Catholics have sex at least once a week, vs. 56 percent of non-Catholics.
  • 50% of Catholics over 55 have sex once a week, vs. 40 percent of non-Catholics.
  • 3 out of 10 Catholics have purchased erotic underwear, vs. 2 out of 10 non-Catholics.
  • 64% of Catholic women scored high on a “sexual playfulness” scale, which included activities such as undressing your spouse, showering or bathing with your spouse, swimming nude with your spouse, and experimenting with sexual techniques, vs. 42 percent of non-Catholic women.

I have to say that the findings make sense, simply because couples that are committed to going to church together weekly are connected on an intimate, spiritual level, which can only lead to better intimacy in the bedroom. As the study found, it didn’t really matter what kind of religion the couple was practicing, as long it was something that was important to both of them, that they did regularly, and brought meaning into their lives. Connection on a spiritual level = connection on a physical level.

So perhaps making a spiritual practice a regular habit can help rekindle the flames for all of us?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go find my old Catholic schoolgirl uniform…

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