Couple Celebrates Anniversary with $15 Hotel Stay

Last month, my husband and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary a few days after Christmas. 

There was much excitement to be had, of course, passing such a milestone in our relationship as husband and wife. I’ve always loved anniversaries, or, really, any excuse to “celebrate” and eat chocolate is a good day in my book. There was our first anniversary, for instance, when we celebrated with the traditional top of our wedding cake that we had frozen … unfortunately, a little too well, as it was completely freezer burnt.

Or our second, when we escaped for a night away at a hotel that offered free drinks every night in front of the fireplace and toasted our love in a horse-drawn carriage in the moonlight.

And then there was our third, celebrated with a simple night out to dinner, a welcome respite from the chaos of children at home. 

But by the fourth anniversary, our good intentions kind of sizzled off. My husband booked us a night away at a hotel casino, but after working a few night shifts in a row, I wasn’t feeling very well, and we canceled. As for our anniversary last year? I honestly can’t even remember what we did.

This year, however, was very memorable. After working two back-to-back 13-hour shifts at the hospital, I came home and collapsed. We spent the evening watch Netflix, cuddled up on two separate couches. Classic.

But while we may be hopeless right now, I think this story proves that there is hope for us yet in the anniversary world. 


Image via Chris Breeze/Flickr

Tony and Jo Fioravante, 86 and 85 respectively, recently celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary in a big way — with a romantic stay at the exclusive Towers of the Waldorf on Park Avenue, ABC News reported.

As it would turn out, Mr. and Mrs. Fioravante actually spent their wedding night at the famous luxury hotel, where they endured a bit of embarrassment for their big night when the hotel clerk actually booked them a room with two double beds instead of the honeymoon suite that they had been hoping for! #awkward

The couple stayed at the Waldorf that night for a rather surprising rate — only $15.75 back in 1948. When I logged on to the hotel’s website to peruse how much rooms there cost now, my eyes about fell out of my head. They actually have a penthouse suite that goes for $1,999 a night. (Remind me to try that one for our seventh year anniversary, will ya?)

Expensive rooms aside, the Waldorf told the couple on their wedding night of their tradition of honoring the original rate for a stay for any couple celebrating 50 years of marriage or more. Which is exactly what they did, after the couple’s daughter hunted down the original receipt at a anniversary party. I’m not sure what’s more amazing: the fact that the hotel honored it after all these years or that the couple managed to hold on to that receipt for so long. I seriously can’t even hold on to my children for that long.

According to ABC News, the couple are not just high school sweethearts but middle school sweethearts. The couple met at a school dance when they were just 13 and 14.

“It was almost like ‘West Side Story,’ like Tony and Maria,” their daughter said. “And they’ve stood together ever since.”

So sweet. Although I can’t help but wonder if I would want those double beds after all by my 66th anniversary …

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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