Couple Create Exaggerated Skits of Common Scenarios Faced by Married Couples (VIDEO)

Image source: YouTube/Modern Marriage Moments
Image source: YouTube/Modern Marriage Moments

Have you ever had a fight with your spouse only to laugh about it later? For some of us that has happened. After emotions have calmed and a time of processing has occurred we realize that perhaps things weren’t as critical as we perceived them to be in that moment. The reality for most couples is there will be arguments. And surprisingly or not surprisingly many of the arguments you have will be the same arguments had by countless other couples.

Brandon and Stephanie Matias have been married for four years. It seems much of their success can be attributed to their ability to “laugh through the hard times.” According to Desert News the couple came up with the idea to film a skit centered on “real-life situations that happen in most marriages.” It was their belief that others could relate.

Their YouTube channel, “Modern Marriage Moments”, features various scenarios couples may find themselves in. Situations ranging from an argument over directions in the car or things husbands shouldn’t say to their wives. The various skits are a reminder that no relationship is perfect and is part of their effort to normalize various dilemmas couples face. Their faith appears to be a very important component of their skits each done with a hope that it will encourage others.

Take a look at their “STAGES OF A CAR FIGHT!” video which has garnered over 19,000 views:

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