Couple Meet via Online Dating Site and Years Later Open Adult Candy Boutique

There is no question; life with my husband in it is even sweeter than life was without him. And for those times when I struggle to see the sweetness, noshing on my favorite treat typically does the trick. Now I’m by no means encouraging emotional eating but sweets are a sure way to put a smile on my face. And so are great love stories.

Earlier this week, a darling story caught my attention; it’s about a couple that opened up a candy shoppe featuring luxurious candies, some of them not available anywhere else in the United States. It’s the substance my grown up dreams are made of and the candy line was specifically created with the adult crowd in mind. Their store known as Sugarfina is located in Beverly Hills, CA and boasts favorable offerings with fun, fancy and even comical names such as “Plenty of Fish in the Sea”.

Josh Resnick and Rosie O’Neill met online via four years ago. Their story supports the fact that true love connections can be made on line and solidified in real life. After traveling the world savoring candies in numerous countries, they decided to leave their careers (director of marketing for Barbie and a video game entrepreneur) and focus on their passion of being “candy connoisseurs.” Now the two are engaged and have made the transition from an online business venture, launching in 2012, to a storefront sweet shoppe.

The couple’s store, known as Sugarfina offers high quality, a large majority of them not even available here in the United States, candy products with fun and quirky names and unique flavor combinations. They even have a breakup gift set, a sure way to remedy a broken heart at least while you’re snacking.

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    Josh and Rosie met online and now they're engaged! According to the couple, they "created Sugarfina because the candy store of our dreams didn't exist." So, together they sought out to make candy that was beautiful to the eye and pleasing to the palate. Something tells me their wedding is going to have quite the sweet station!

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    Sugarfina Beverly Hills Boutique 2000

    How fun would it be to wrap up your next date night by picking up some sweet treats at a beautiful candy boutique?

  • Cleverly titled fare 3 of 8

    Sugarfina has numerous flavorful offerings such as "Plenty of Fish in the Sea (All-Natural Swedish Fish)" and "Stop Kissing Frogs (Apple Frogs)."

  • Sweet heart honey beans 4 of 8

    The perfect alternative to traditional jellybeans.

  • And because…let’s face it… 5 of 8

    Men are pigs. Ok, not all men, but you get the idea. And gifting these "Men are Pigs" gummies to your girlfriend who just went through a breakup is a sure way to make her smile.

  • Gummy Bento Box 6 of 8

    This bento box is filled with gummy goodness ranging from champagne frogs to spiced rum and cola Cuba Libre.

  • More choices 7 of 8

    This box showcases some of the other options they offer and the fact that it's filled with multiple candies means you don't have to choose! The boutique will have various features ranging from a "Candy Concierge" to a "Build Your Own Bento Wall" and will offer candies that are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, fat-free, kosher pareve, kosher dairy, and all-natural.

  • "Hello Sugar" 8 of 8

    One more because I am officially craving gummy candy!

Being a candy fanatic and hopeless romantic I’m intrigued by the story of Josh and Rosie’s business that blossomed as the result of an online love connection. And the history of Sugarfina certainly makes for a great story; the best part being the fact that it was created by two people who happened to be quite sweet on each other. They left their careers and took a chance at creating a new one this time, together. A true testament to the fact that love is most certainly sweet. See more of Sugarfina’s sweet offerings online.

What are your thoughts on business ventures between couples?



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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