Crazy but True: Some Single Guys Have Engagement Ring Funds

engagement ringContinuing on last week’s theme of engagement ring obsession, I bring you this shocker: some savvy single guys are saving up for engagement rings while they’re still single. Or so says Juan Garcia in an interesting essay for Cosmo. Garcia first tells the story of his former roommate Ian, who began saving for an engagement ring upon his father’s urging at age 18. Ian successfully bought a diamond ring before meeting the woman who is now his wife, and kept it “stashed away inside the seat cushion of an orange 1970’s recliner in his father’s hobby room.”

Garcia recently set up a “ring fund” himself, because, he says, “When a guy realizes what he wants in life, he begins preparing, whether it’s consciously or subconsciously.” Garcia seems pleased with his decision to save for an engagement ring. That way, he writes, “When I’m ready to pop the question, I won’t be scrambling for cash.” It’s an interesting planning strategy, to be sure, but the more important question no jeweler wants me to ask is, should anyone who might be wiser to start saving up for, say, a house, be keeping thousands of dollars set aside to spend on one small token of love?

As I mentioned last week in my examination of engagement ring fixation, I myself was not immune to the diamond industry’s ploy to get everyone in America to buy their product as proof of an everlasting passion and desire for commitment. But I’m happy to witness to you, as a divorced person, that while diamonds are forever, half of marriages are not. And since one of the things couples fight over most is money, maybe it would be better for everyone if we stopped encouraging young and youngish people to spend thousands of dollars on diamonds before starting a life together. Furthermore, while I appreciate the positive thinking and determination that goes hand-in-hand with saving for a ring for a true love yet-to-be manifested, I think buying the actual ring a decade before even meeting your future wife, as Ian did, shows a lack of consideration for the recipient. I mean, what if she doesn’t like gold? Or diamonds, for that matter?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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