Dad’s Texts to Daughter About Falling in Love with Her Mom Are Better Than ‘The Notebook’

Let’s be honest … lately we’ve seen and heard the worst of humanity in the news and on social media. In the wake of a historic (and controversial) election, more instances of violence than we can keep track of, the rise and fall of public figures, and the recent deaths of celebrities, the nasty comments, rants, and attacks we witness on one another in the comment sections are enough to make the warmest person feel cold inside.

Wouldn’t you like a nice, big hug from the Internet to make you feel warm again?

Me too. Actually, I could use about 400. I’ll get it started with just about the most amazing viral tweet I’ve seen this year.

A teenager named Sydney recently shared a thread of texts she received from her father, who talked about his life with her mother, and their 27-year marriage to one another. Sydney had apparently asked for his input for an essay she was writing about her parents.


Sydney’s father responded with words that would rival any Nicolas Sparks novel …

“Your mom basically [asked] me to marry her. We both thought it would be funny to tell our friends since no one would believe it. So at first our engagement was a joke. Two weeks later I was absolutely madly in love with your mom. She was more than a dream come true for me. You guys only see her as R2D2. I get to see her as my best friend, my hilarious wife, and my beautiful queen when we get the chance to be away from here and work.”

He goes on to describe how their family came to be, and how difficult the early days were with work, and trying to complete his college degree. Then he brings everyone to tears with this …

“I’ve had the perfect life because of your mom. A perfect life. Give me [a] billion dollars. Make [me] the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. Make me President. None of those would be worth it without her. She doesn’t just ‘complete me,’ she came into my life when I was young and immature, completed me, and then made me so much better of a person. I dated and married an angel.”

There’s that warm Internet hug I promised at the beginning. If you don’t feel the warm tingles after reading this, I’m not sure anything else would do it for you. In a simple text thread, this father not only brought his daughter to tears, but showed her exactly who she should be looking for in her future spouse. And for all of us out there who are married, he taught us a thing or two about everlasting love: It grows stronger over time if you allow it to.

I’m almost positive this father’s text message wouldn’t have been the same after year one or even year five of marriage. Why? Because love at first sight isn’t really that real. Infatuation at first sight is. But love? Love grows over time. It grows through time tests and storm weathering together, hand in hand. I can say this with confidence because that’s my story with my wife. I love her today in a way I couldn’t possibly have loved her 17 years ago. My love for her today has grown out of a long walk through many ups, downs, defeats, victories, dark moments, bright times, and everything in between. Our love has grown from scars and from euphoric experiences.

That’s probably why I loved this viral tweet so much. While he described, in beautiful rhetoric, his 27-year relationship with his wife, he was (just about to a tee) describing mine.

I know her and she knows me. I love her deeply, in a way that only a long journey together could produce. A journey that feels as if it’s still just beginning.

h/t: Mashable

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