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“Fun-Loving, Laid-Back Woman With A Bit Of A Nerdy Side Joins Online Dating Service.” That’s a hilarious headline The Onion ran yesterday, poking fun at how willing we all are now to flaunt our quirks in the hopes of it making us appear “special” enough to fall in love with. The article goes on to say, “Describing herself as “spontaneous, down-to-earth, and just a little quirky,” a self-professed fun-loving, laid-back woman with a bit of a nerdy side has joined an online dating service, sources confirmed Wednesday. “I like biking and hanging out with my friends, but am just as fond of curling up with a good book or nerding out to a good Joss Whedon show,” read the woman’s profile, which includes photos captioned with the phrases “reigning karaoke champ” and “me and Ashley at Hogwarts in Orlando!””

I wonder if the dating website this fictitious woman joined is loveflutter.com, a site for “interesting people,” replete with a quiz that will let you know just how QI, or Quirky-Interesting you are. I took the test and scored 67 out of 100 QI points, and according to the site that makes me “an intriguing, colorful character.” (I’d like to think that 100 out of 100 QI points makes you Zoeey Deschanel.) On loveflutter, you can “collect funky badges” (seems a little corporate/juvenile) and suggest a date, like on How About We. The feature I suspect users would like most, though, are the “Instagram-like effects” they have available to make your photos “look ten times cooler.” Or ten times hotter, since everyone looks better through a filter.

Like OkCupid (and other sites), loveflutter offers free and paid plans, but unlike OkCupid, its design is super-cute. Too cute. Loveflutter looks more like a tween girl’s Tumblr than it does a dating site. But maybe I’m just not quirky enough to appreciate the weirdo graphics.

Would you use a site like loveflutter to find a quirky mate?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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