Daughter Creates Father Daughter Dance to Ensure Dying Father Will Be at Her Future Wedding

daughter dances with dying fatherWhen you marry the man that you intend to spend the rest of your life with, oftentimes it is the first man you ever loved who gives you away. If you are among the lucky girls who had a father who handled your heart with care, your wedding day is the day in which he entrusts your soon-to-be husband with the honor of picking up where he left off. Most often the father will give the blushing bride, his pride and joy, away but the two of them will share one last moment of sweetness as they dance the father daughter dance.

From what I’ve been told for fathers this is one of the last moments they hold their little girl in their arms. Her childhood plays out in their heads and it brings them to the moment that is before them, the moment when they are forced to see that their little girl isn’t so little anymore and she is no longer theirs. It is a memory cherished by the two of them forever.

Recently The Today Show shared a story of a daughter who adores her father. He is everything a father should be a hero and very supportive. But, he is also one thing a father should not be — dying. Dr. James Wolf has pancreatic cancer and is expected to have less than three months left. His daughter Rachel Wolf, age 25, dreamed of dancing with her father when she got married. As reported by Today in order to “make sure that he would be there on her wedding day” she came up with the idea to “create and record her own father/daughter dance.”

When the day arrived Rachel was dressed in a wedding gown complete with hair and makeup. Guests looked on as she stepped out of a limo and later danced in her father’s arms. There was no groom but none of that mattered; Rachel was getting a chance to share a beautiful moment with her dad. Despite being weakened from chemo Dr. Wolf found the strength to joyfully dance with his daughter, his wife and his family.

The story’s reporter, Gabe Gutierrez, reminds us “when it comes to making memories why wait?” This story itself is a testament to the impact a father can have in the life of his daughter. Rachel loved her father so much that she found a way to ensure the two of them had their moment. The groom could wait but her father couldn’t. For Rachel her dream was worth altering if it meant she could create a lifelong memory with her hero. A reminder that oftentimes what makes our dreams special is when we are blessed with the opportunity to share them — to live them with the people we love.

For more on this beautiful story of a future bride dancing with her dying father and the moving video visit Today. But first grab your tissues, you’ll need them.


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