Depressing Study Found Men Love the “Idea” of Smart Women — They Just Don’t Want to Date Us

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I came across a study the other day that had me scratching my head. Apparently back in late 2015, researchers at the University of Buffalo, California Lutheran University, and the University of Texas at Austin published a study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin which, in and of itself, is not newsworthy. However, the study said that in their observation of men, 105 men to be exact, the thought of a smart woman was a real turn-on but an actual living, breathing intelligent woman, was not.

I’m sorry, come at me with that one again?

In this study, researchers proposed two different situations. In the first, the guys fantasized about a romantic partner either beating them or not beating them on a test. In this case they picked a partner who outperformed them. In the second, the guys were given an intelligence test and then told they were about to actually meet a woman, in real life, who beat them on said test.

That’s when shit got real.

Men who were presented with this scenario “distanced themselves more from her, tended to rate her as less attractive, and showed less desire to exchange contact information or plan a date with her.”

Apparently pretend smart women make perfect companions for self-proclaimed smart men. *Slowly shakes head for mankind everywhere.*

Now, obviously this is an extremely small sample size of men. Luckily for me, most of the men I know not only date, but have gone on to marry extremely bright, well-rounded women. And with women today receiving the majority of college degrees in America (associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral) over men, it goes without saying that if men choose not to date their intellectual superiors, their dating pool could continue to dwindle.

And if men need more convincing that they should be going for a large brain over other large assets, look no further than a recent study conducted by the University of Aberdeen. They determined that men who choose to marry smart women live longer and happier lives, and are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Dementia experts agreed that having an intelligent partner can act as a “buffer” to the disease. It goes without saying having a partner who can challenge you to be a better version of yourself goes a long way to a healthier, more content life.

I’m thinking most of the women I know aren’t going to put a lot of stock in this study. There will always be a subset of men out there who will want to date and marry women who they feel are somehow below them. To me, it says more about who they are as a man than the women they are with. So I guess the better question is, eventually will there be any women left who will want to date them?

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