Digital Love Story: Boy Meets Girl on Flickr

Many of us are familiar with the photo-sharing site, Flickr … some of us more than others. 

In fact, I use Flickr on an almost daily basis, trolling through for cute and inspiring pictures I can (legally) use for some of the articles that I write. I always love to come across unique and beautiful photos, and it’s incredible to me that people are so willing to share their talents with the world.

But I have to admit, I had never really thought of Flickr as more than a great place to share pictures. That is, until I heard one love story that might just take the cake.

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Portland natives Dave Tuttle and Whitney Johnson were both avid users of Flickr way back when in 2008 when they first started interacting via one of the site’s speciality photo groups.

Both Dave and Whitney shared a passion for photography and spent a lot of time taking unique Polaroid-style pictures. They were part of a special Flickr group just for Polaroid lovers (well, not lovers, but you know what I mean …).

Sparks flew when one day, Dave uploaded a photo of a toy horse tied to a small metal loop, which happened to be part of a city-wide art installation on a street in Portland’s Pearl District. When Whitney saw the photo on Flickr, she immediately recognized that it had been taken on a street near her house.

Breaking one of the online world’s most notorious rules, she commented on Dave’s photo and asked if he lived in Portland, too.

And a romance was born. 

It wouldn’t be until a year later that Dave and Whitney would actually meet in person, however. Their first meeting took place at a Flickr community meet-up in Portland. (Did you know that was a thing? I sure as heck didn’t …).

After the Internet brought them together, their love blossomed as they joined their passions and began going on photography excursions together. The couple officially began dating in 2010, and quickly realized that their love was real.

” A couple months after we started dating, I traveled to visit my folks in San Diego,” recalls Dave. “While I was there I missed her like crazy and realized that I never wanted to be apart from her again.”

Luckily, Whitney had mutual feelings. “While attending a wedding the first summer we dated, I kept envisioning what mine and Dave’s wedding would be like,” she says. “That’s when I knew.”

In 2012, four years after their first fateful meeting, as they strolled past the location of that legendary toy horse, Dave looked to his online-love-interest-turned-real-life-girlfriend and proposed. Whitney received not only a ring, but a new toy horse.

… Which, of course, they aptly  named “Flickr.”

And although this story had a happy ending, like all good love tales, there is a tragic end to one member of this love triangle — the steadfast companion, that toy horse that started it all, was actually stolen from Whitney and Dave.

“Sadly, a week or two after we tied up our horse to the ring someone, actually stole it,” remembers Whitney. “So we bought a replacement which we painted gold and he now sits on a shelf in our living room.”

And they all lived happily ever after. 

Image via Whitney Tuttle/Flickr

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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