Divorce Study: Unreasonable Behavior Outweighs Infidelity

My wife and I watch Scandal on ABC practically every Thursday night. Yes, I watch Scandal. It is our “home date night,” and one of the very few times we watch TV.

For the small few who aren’t familiar with the show, it revolves around the President of the United States and his relationship with Olivia Pope, his former campaign manager, among other things. The crazy part is, several people in the President’s inner circle know of their relationship, including the President’s wife.

Infidelity is nothing…

However, she has not and will not divorce him. She has actually requested his mistress to visit him, and even work with him to make sure they win the next election. Infidelity, to her, is not grounds for divorce. Perhaps if he did something unreasonable, like not run for reelection, then she may divorce him since she is so power hungry.

Infidelity not being a primary reason for divorce may not be just for prime time TV dramas. According to the Huffington Post, a study shows that unreasonable behavior ends more marriages than infidelity. Maybe it’s me, but infidelity seems to qualify as unreasonable behavior, but who am I to say that?

Below is a slideshow with some unreasonable behaviors discovered in the study as reasons for divorce.

  • Survey results showing unreasonable behaviors leading to divorce 1 of 7

    Click through to see the survey results.

  • Infidelity (29%) 2 of 7
    Cheating his wife

    Although infidelity is not as high as it used to be, it is still significant. The study also says only 15% blamed it on an affair in the 1970s.

  • Unreasonable behavior (47%) 3 of 7
    Blue Paint Bride

    A much higher percent of divorces are caused by "unreasonable behavior." If you are just as curious as I was as to what this "unreasonable behavior" is, then click through.

  • Unreaonable behavior: An unsociable husband 4 of 7
    Conflict between man and woman

    This husband is not only unsociable, but he makes his wife feel guilty when she wants to go out with her friends.

  • Unreasonable behavior: A cross-dressing husband who gets a sex change 5 of 7
    Man and woman quarrel

    You know what, I don't agree with divorce as I've stated many times here on Babble. But I don't know what to say or do about this. I will say this is VERY "unreasonable behavior!"

  • Unreasonable behavior: A spouse who withdraws all the family savings 6 of 7

    When we were young in our marriage, I remember getting into an argument with my wife, so my response was to go out and buy a PlayStation 2 or something like that (which we couldn't afford at the time). That was more dumb behavior than unreasonable. I didn't empty the savings, but I got the game I'd been wanting...for two days! I was afraid of the fallout that may happen, so I never took it out of the trunk of the car. Then two days later I returned it. LOL Immature (and funny) for sure, but not as unreasonable as emptying the savings.

  • Unreasonable behavior: Splitting chores 7 of 7
    Young couple preparing salad in kitchen

    Yes, splitting chores.  I'm guessing it was the lazy spouse that listed this as a reason. 

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