Do Opposites Attract? 10 Ways My Husband and I Are Total Opposites

Have you heard the term “opposites attract”? I think I first learned this way back in grade school when we were learning about magnets and stuff, but later learned that it could have a big impact on a long-term relationship as well. When we talk about looking for the person of our dreams — our soul mate — the one we’re to be with forever, we always hear about the common interests and life views that can set you up for the best start of a relationship.

But, what happens if you fall in love with someone who — by many views — is kind of your complete opposite? Do you need to have a lot in common to make things work or is love just like those two magnets, where polar opposites are attracted and pull to be together?

I can say, “yes” to those, at least in my relationship. I have been with my husband for almost 15 years — married for almost 10 and though we have a lot of opposites, we seem to really work. I know we have one big thing in common and that’s love and respect and anything after that just seems to make our life a little more interesting. I learn a lot about the world through him and he through mine.

Click through and read 10 ways my husband totally differ yet still seem to have a great relationship:

  • Do Opposites Attract? 10 Ways My Husband and I Are Total Opposites 1 of 11

    Here are 10 ways my husband and I are opposites

  • Extrovert vs Introvert 2 of 11

    My husband would consider himself an extrovert. He loves talking to new people and putting himself out there. Myself, I am a total introvert in every sense of the word.

  • Musical vs Non-Musical 3 of 11

    My husband LOVES music so much that it's rare to catch him in a moment where he's not listening to some sort of music. Me, I don't have many musical interests.

  • Religious vs Non-Religious 4 of 11

    My husband is religious and has a foundation of Christianity and a belief in God. Myself, I consider myself "non-religious" in all senses of the word and have no beliefs centered around any religion or concept of God.

  • New Things vs Comfort 5 of 11

    My husband loves to try new things - new restaurants, new foods, new cities to explore and so on. I prefer to stay in my own little comfort bubble and it takes a lot for me to change my routine.

  • Emotional vs Non-Emotional 6 of 11

    My husband is loving and sensitive and considers himself to be emotional (not overly). He is the one who cried at our proposal and wedding, birth of our children and movies. Myself, I have been called stoic many times in life and it's very rare to see me get emotional about anything.

  • Many Interests vs Focused Interests 7 of 11

    My husband is a super-talented guy who has interests in many different things. He is never bored because there is so much he has his eyes and brain on at any time. I have more focused interests and they're few between. I am more likely to tell you that I'm bored.

  • Deep vs Light Sleepers 8 of 11

    My husband has a very easy time falling asleep and it takes a lot to wake him up. He's a very deep sleeper who can literally fall asleep anywhere. I am more picky about sleep - it takes me forever and any little thing will wake me up.

  • Serious vs Silly 9 of 11

    My husband has a very serious personality. He totally can be silly, but he's always inside his head brainstorming one of his many interests and has a hard time letting that go and be silly and weird. If you get past my introvert personality and I am comfortable in a situation, I have a very silly personality.

  • Art vs Science 10 of 11

    My husband is amazing at art, design, creativity and the like. It's what encompasses all his hobbies and dreams and his career. I am more of the sciency person who likes statistics, facts, and am not interested in the artsy side of life.

  • Do vs Read Learning 11 of 11

    The way we take in information is different from each other and it's evident in our kids too. My husband learns best by doing and seeing what he's supposed to do. If he wants to learn something new, he takes to video tutorials. Myself, I am more of a read-and-do person - I don't learn well through video tutorials, but a written one and I'm all over it. 

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