Do You Have A Divorce Anthem?

This is, apparently, a thing.

One’s chosen Divorce  (or Break-Up) Anthem, as you might imagine, is usually a song about empowerment. These songs have rousing choruses and lots of affirmative “YEAH!”s in them, and they typically recall tales of underdog protagonists who – after being stepped on, misused and abused – fight back, cast off what’s been dragging them down, and in the end emerge battle-scarred but triumphant.

But they can also be songs of resilience, survival, sadness, and personal reckoning. It all depends on where you are in the process, I think.

I’ll fully and freely admit to indulging in a few myself, if none exclusively. Here are a few of them – my Top 6 Divorce Anthems. In different ways, each of these songs helped me get through the hardest time in my life:

  • Elbow – Grounds for Divorce 1 of 6
    Elbow - Grounds for Divorce

    "There's a hole in my neighbourhood/Down which of late I cannot help but fall..." Could there ever be a better description of what those first few weeks post-split feel like? No, there could not.
  • Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone 2 of 6
    Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone

    Pure, unstoppable empowerment anthem. "Since u been gone/I can breathe for the first time." Sing it, sister.
  • Mobius Band – The Loving Sounds of Static 3 of 6
    Mobius Band - The Loving Sounds of Static

    In an abstract, yet visceral way, this expresses better than anything what going through a divorce feels like for me. Heartache, mixed with nostalgia, mixed with resignation. Strangely, this is probably *my* perfect divorce anthem. "And the life we had, that's over now."
  • Neutral Milk Hotel – Engine 4 of 6
    Neutral Milk Hotel - Engine

    Music to cry by, this. And I have. A lot.
  • The National – Buzzblood Ohio 5 of 6
    The National - Buzzblood Ohio

    "I still owe money, to the money, to the money I owe/I never thought about love when I thought about home..." Oh yes. I know exactly what you mean.
  • Oasis – Wonderwall 6 of 6
    Oasis - Wonderwall

    My daughter loves this song, and it was a big part of the earliest days of my separation. I wrote about all of that on my blog, in a post called "Wonderwall."
    Your turn! What's a "Divorce Anthem" for you?

How about you, hmm? Do you (or did you) have a divorce anthem (or anthems)? What are they? Share in comments!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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