Do You Let Astrology Affect Who You’ll Date?

, a dating coach and professional astrologer, suggests in a recent piece on YourTango that hiring a professional astrologer to do your complete birth chart can help you “understand why you may exhibit certain behaviors in your relationships or act a certain way in different environments.” She says a birth chart will also reveal to you “the best times for marriage or when someone significant may enter your life.” The problem with getting a birth chart done, though, is that you have to know the exact time of your birth, and who’s to say your mother remembered it right or your birth certificate is accurate? After all, how can you be sure the hospital’s clock was running on Greenwich Mean Time? And even if it was, does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?

Which is not to say that I’m not interested in astrology or how a person’s sun sign affects dating, because I totally am. I’m a Sagittarius, and like every Sagittarius I know, I love my sign. Sagittarians are known for being very outgoing, friendly people who value truth and honesty above all. (Sometimes we’re too honest, like when we talk about how great Sagittarians are.) But like my Sag friend Jenny likes to say, “You can always trust a Sag. We’re good people.” I asked a Cancer I was dating recently if he was into astrology, and he said he might be if his sign wasn’t named after a disease, which seemed like a totally fair assessment. In spite of their moody nature, I really like Cancers, though. My dad was a Cancer (and, in a cruel twist of fate, also died of it) and my first boyfriend was a Cancer. According to this site, “A Cancer man is one person who makes the Sagittarius woman regain her faith in love which was earlier lost due to her association with other less sensitive men,” so it’s easy to see their appeal.

I have to admit, even though it may seem dumb, I do look at people’s astrological signs when I’m online dating, and I will write off a Virgo even if his profile is intriguing. My mother is a Virgo, I dated a guy who was a Virgo, we’re just not a good match. Then again, if you look at the patterns here, the way my dating life has played out probably has less to do with astrology and more with trying to date my parents, as we all do, but hey – astrology’s more fun than psychology, right?

Do you consider someone’s sign when you’re deciding whether or not to date them?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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