24 Funny Tweets That Will Make You Want to Thank a Teacher Immediately

Funny tweet: While I love all of my students, the list of names I can never give my future offspring continues to grow. #teacherlife #teacherproblems
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When we think back on our time at school, we can’t help but remember our teachers. Those years of backpacks and homework brought teachers who inspired, challenged (maybe called our mom a few times), and opened our minds to all the possibility we possessed.

With National Teacher Appreciation Week right around the corner, we tip our hats to the hardworking and even harder caring educators who somehow manage to teach while tickling our Twitter funny bone. Take a tweet!

1. But is it as rewarding?

2. Poop quiz!

3. So you think you can dance?

4. When the classroom feels like home.

5. The secret life of teachers.

6. Occupational hazard.

7. *Holds back all the giggles*

8. Do you hear what I smell?

9. Gold star teacher.

10. Just resting my eyes.

11. I just had that paper a second ago!

12. Debate class.

13. Sweet teacher.

14. Teachers are people, too.

15. Silly student.

16. Only slightly concerning.

17. We look with our eyes, not with our tongues.

18. So. much. glitter.

19. They’re small, but powerful.


20. Is it over yet?

21. Um, the caterpillars are sleeping right now …

22. Mom mix-up.

23. Too much has happened.

24. Teacher’s pet for life.

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