7 Critical Reasons to Exchange Gifts with Your Partner (Even If You Agreed Not to)

It is crunch time during the biggest gift giving times of the year. I’m sure several of you knocked out all your Christmas gifts around Halloween, in June, or maybe even last year, on December 26th! You are good to go. Some of us are still searching and browsing to find gifts for those we love. And then there are those who won’t be buying any gifts at all, not even a card.

Which category do you fall in?

Christmas gift exchange traditions can bring about some interesting conversations and points of view. Sometimes even in the same household! We have gone back and forth about gift exchanging in our family for years. And we still aren’t completely set. It is kind of like, “what are we going to do this year?”

I admit it has caused some problems in our relationship before. My wife loves surprises and gifts. I don’t like surprises, and I’m not pressed about gifts. You can imagine how that can become combustible at times. On top of that we have three children who all want gifts, and grandparents who, no matter what we say our gift exchanging tradition is, will do everything they can to get the latest and greatest gifts for our kids.

Some Christmases have come with a high level of anxiety and frustration for both my wife and me. And I’m learning our family isn’t the only family who experiences this.

An article in discusses this and makes the argument that gift-giving is crucial to your relationship. A few years ago, I’d say it wasn’t, but now I’m realizing just how important it is.

As I mentioned, my wife loves gifts and surprises. Her love language is gifts. She feels most loved when she receives gifts. So, now I know, and no matter my thoughts on gift exchanges around the holidays my wife will feel more loved when receiving a gift, and not as loved when not receiving one. Now you can bet I’m going to do my best to find a gift that she’ll love, appreciate, and shows how I feel about her.

And the best part about it is there many benefits for both the person who receives the gift as well as the person who gives the gift. Here are 7 benefits of gift giving during the holidays and any time of year.

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    Gift giving benefits2

    Will you be giving gifts this Christmas? Or are you part of the group that doesn't "buy" into exchanging gifts? Click through to see 7 benefits of gift giving during the holidays and any time of year.

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  • Gifts Express Affection 2 of 8
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    For someone whose love language is gifts, you have just spoken the most beautiful and perfect language to them. It is like being in a foreign land where English is not spoken and you run into someone who speaks English. The joy you get from being able to communicate with someone will be amazing. The same joy is felt when you express your love in this manner to someone who needs it.

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  • Giving Will Make You Feel Good 3 of 8

    I am a giver, and giving to someone else, especially someone in need, feels just as good as receiving a gift. Even if giving doesn't touch you like that, there is still something about watching someone enjoy a gift that you have given them.

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  • You’ll Get to Tend to Your Partner’s Needs 4 of 8

    The ladies can probably relate most to this. You ever seen your man wearing the same old jeans, same old t-shirt, same old socks, or worse, the same old underwear that needed to be replaced years ago? Well, when you give gifts you get to meet that need.

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  • You’ll Grow Closer Together 5 of 8

    The process of buying a gift should not consist of finding the best priced or most convenient item while in the check-out line at Walmart. The process of gift giving involves listening so you can determine what the person needs or wants. It involves understanding to know how the gift will impact them. And it reveals the giver's thoughts to the receiver. 

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  • It Offers a Chance to Be Selfless 6 of 8

    Good gift giving involves all the things mentioned in the slide above, "you learn more about each other." Our human nature is to focus on making sure "I" am taken care of. When you go into gift-giving mode you are focused on that person, their needs, their wants, and what would make them happy.

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  • It’s Just Fun! 7 of 8
    Opening gifts

    No matter what time of year or what occasion, gifts are fun! The thrill of mentally playing through your mind what might be in the box or bag, then opening something new is pretty cool!

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  • You’ll Reap Unforeseen Benefits 8 of 8

    If you want somebody to smile, try smiling at them. If you want respect, then respect others. The act of gift giving is an act that is normally reciprocated. So when you give you will get something in return. Now, what you get in return may come from what exactly you gave. Which is a topic for another article.

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