18-Year-Old Uncle Meets New Niece in a Full Suit, Because “First Impressions Matter”

Meeting your new niece or nephew for the first time is pretty exciting stuff. Especially if it’s your first time around the block when it comes to the whole aunt and uncle thing.

Just ask 18-year-old Grant Kessler of Ohio, who recently had his first meeting with his new baby niece Carter, and took the introduction so seriously that he showed up to the hospital wearing a full suit. I repeat: a full suit. Not just a blazer. Not just a dress shirt. The whole shebang — including a pocket square and tie (with a tie clip).

The moments leading up to Carter’s birth were pretty intense ones for Grant, who sat in the waiting room as his older sister Olivia labored. And luckily, they were captured forever, thanks to the quick-thinking of Grant’s younger sister, Iris, who snapped a photo of a visibly nervous Grant and uploaded it to Twitter soon after.

And the rest … well, the rest is viral history.

“My sister is about to have a baby and my brother showed up to the hospital in a suit because ‘first impressions matter,'” Iris tweeted on January 3. The post has since been retweeted over 98K times and liked over 319K times.

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Needless to say, the Internet is loving Grant’s adorable hospital attire, as well as everything it says about how super psyched he is over becoming a newbie uncle. And how could they not?

Grant’s sister Iris later shared photos with the Facebook page Love What Matters, including one of him holding Baby Carter. And it’s clear that he’s in love:

Grant was “extraordinarily excited, proud, and protective regarding the birth of his first niece,” his mom Karen told BuzzFeed. “His dressing up was both a show of respect and a way to honor her arrival.”

But if you ask Karen, all her kids are pretty special. She told BuzzFeed that each of them have “incredible gifts” — and that Iris’s is “knowing what resonates with people.”

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One thing’s for sure: If all of this is any indication of how dedicated an uncle Grant is going to be, Carter is pretty blessed.

h/t: BuzzFeed

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