Survey Says: Guests Are Spending a Small Fortune Just to Attend Your Wedding

ID-100140451As the weather gets warmer, our mailboxes become breeding grounds for this season’s wedding invites. If you’ve got a large family, a widespread group of friends, or just seem to get invited to these things — you’re probably planning to attend a wedding or two this summer.

My advice? Save up now because the cost of just going to that wedding is going to cost you, on average, $592 per wedding. Multiply that number by the amount of  “yes” boxes you checked on the invites — and that’s what it’s going to cost you this wedding season.

A survey was just released by American Express which compiled results of 1,500 Americans, revealing that the cost of attending weddings is up 10 percent from last year. These costs include everything from the pre-wedding parties to transportation and clothing, but does not include the cost of the wedding gift in that average price-tag.

It’s not all bad though, because just as you’re spending more money to attend, your hosts are spending more money on you. The average amount spent at each wedding in 2013 for one guest to attend is, on average $220 per person, which is up 8 percent from the previous year. This total includes things like food and entertainment for guests, and brides and grooms are also doing more to make the day memorable for all.

So, with all this cost just to go — what are people spending on the gift?

I was shocked to read that total of $592 per wedding didn’t include a wedding gift because I was certain that took up at least one-fifth of the cost, but nope. I am not surprised to see that according to the survey done by American Express, the amount spent on wedding gifts is unchanged from last year. On average, each person attending a wedding will spend $109 per gift, but that price doubles if you’re going to a close family member’s wedding.

Like I said folks, you’re going to need to start saving up just to go to these weddings because if this stays on-trend, in a few years it’s going to cost us all even more.

Do you have any upcoming weddings to attend this season? 

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Source: “Are weddings too expensive  — for guests?“, MarketWatch

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