Guy Sings Opera on Television Then Pops the Question (VIDEO)

America's Got Talent Opera SingerThis week after I finished watching The Voice with my 8 year old I asked her to go ahead and turn off the television. “Wait, can we watch this show?,” she asked. It was America’s Got Talent. She wanted to see the performances, being well aware that some of them can be quite funny. And of course, she did do some laughing. In fact, I did too.

Not too far into our time spent with our eyes fixated on the television screen did our giggles cease and our jaws drop. See, there was this sweet story about a guy named Travis Pratt. His girlfriend encouraged him to audition for the show and sing. She believed in him and his gift and felt he should share it with the world.

Travis took the stage while she sat in the audience watching. And then it happened. He sang, and the song he sang wasn’t a Top 40 selection but rather, it was an opera song. We were so floored by his singing abilities that we paused the television show for a moment and went to tell my husband to come see. He had just rocked the baby to sleep so he didn’t come and as a result we opted to gasp and stare at each other for a few more seconds before pressing play. But that wasn’t the only thing that happened that made our jaws drop. When he was done, his girlfriend joined him on stage and to her surprise, he asked a very important question. Take a look:

Did your jaw drop?!

Image and Video Source: YouTube


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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