Happy Fathers Day to My Daughters First Love

To My Daughters’ First Love:

Over a year ago I was driving our daughter to school. It was during that time that she revealed to me that she had a crush. My heart stopped as I clenched the steering wheel and I attempted to keep from showing the inner terror that went through my body as I thought, I’m not ready for this. She’s seven. Seven. But the words that fell from her lips were some of the sweetest words I had ever heard. “His name is Chris. I have a crush on daddy.” She giggled and I smiled. It is my belief, that for many of us, should we be so fortunate to have one in our lives, a father is the first man who we will ever love.

From the moment you showed her that it was safe to love you and trust you, you’ve had her heart. You filled the void in her life and mine opening your heart to the two of us and promising to love us for as long as you lived. As Father’s Day draws near I find myself wanting to show my appreciation for you and what better way than through a public display of affection. You see, you are the first man our daughters ever loved. You are the keeper and protector of their hearts and will be until they meet someone who is worthy of taking over on your behalf.

So, in celebration of Father’s Day, here are 12 reasons I am thankful that you are our daughters’ first love:

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  • You Are a Man of Your Word 2 of 13

    You have taught us that daddies and husbands do keep their promises. You have kept every promise you have ever made to us the most meaningful one being to love us for always. You have shown them that they can depend on you. You have painted a picture of what it means to be trustworthy. Lola knows if she cries you will respond to her cries. Jalayla knows that she can let go of the edge as she tries to learn to swim because you will be there to hold her. I have shown you every part of me from the good and the bad, and shared with you the parts of my life that I wasn't proud of and your love for me remained unwavering. Our oldest daughter knows that she can come to you with anything and you will love her just the same.

  • You Aren’t Afraid to Show Your Girls Affection 3 of 13

    Each time I watch you hug and kiss your girls my heart swells. You continuously show them how much you love them.

  • You Help Carry the Load 4 of 13

    Not only do you help with various tasks around the house but you constantly remind us that we can come to you with anything that is bothering us. You will help us sort things out and figure out the best way to move forward. You remind us that our challenges or problems aren't ours alone. If Jalayla is having a problem at school she goes to you for advice. You constantly reaffirm that we are a team.

  • You Make Their Eyes Light Up 5 of 13

    You have the best sense of humor. Sometimes I will be sitting and working and I will hear giggles coming from the other room. You help them see the importance of laughter and finding a reason to smile in all things.

  • You Are Kind 6 of 13

    You've always had a gentle way about you. How fitting that you would become the father of two daughters? Sure you can be a little rough sometimes but you are quick to take us into your arms and hold us when we need to be held and you wipe all of our tears.

  • You Make Us Feel Safe 7 of 13

    We always feel a bit braver when we are with you. We know that you are always looking out for what is in our best interest. We know that you will do anything to make sure that we are safe and that our needs are met.

  • You Highlight Our Strengths 8 of 13

    While you do point out when we look pretty or when you like our new dress you also point out things like our talents; "Jalayla you have such a great voice." Or, "I'm so proud of you for not giving up" and "You are very caring." You make it a point to hone in on the things that we are doing right.

  • You Show Up 9 of 13

    You are there as often as you can be. You are the dad that spends his lunch break watching his child present her class portfolio and volunteers at the school picnic. You clap and cheer excitedly as your daughter sings her first solo and you sweat profusely, your face fixated in a smile as she strums on the guitar during a recital.  I often watch as our oldest scans the room looking for your encouraging eyes. I know that look well as I have done the same.

  • You Own Your Mistakes 10 of 13

    When you mess up you aren't afraid or too prideful to admit it and when appropriate you say sorry and seek forgiveness of those you may have hurt or offended in some way. Your actions show our children that sometimes people screw up but if their heart is in the right place the people that love them will see that.

  • You Believe 11 of 13

    You have been our rock. You encourage us and remind us to have faith no matter what. You pray with us and for us.

  • You Love Their Mother 12 of 13

    I once read this quote that said, "The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." Every day you are teaching our girls what love looks like. They see your love for me and our family. My hope is that they will grow up and desire to marry someone who values and respects them the way you do me.  

  • You Value Family 13 of 13

    There is nothing more important to you than your loved ones. Family is your priority. Jalayla has told me many times that she has the best dad; a conclusion she came to all on her own. You live your life in a way that is worthy of being dubbed the best dad.

These are just 12 of the reasons why I am thankful that you are their first love. I am thankful that you were handpicked by God to be the father of my children. I thank you not just for being their safe place but for being mine. I am grateful that my children get to go through life knowing what it feels like to be lifted into the sky as their daddy makes them fly (even if it makes me freak out a little) and hear bedtime stories to the sound of a voice deeper than my own. I am thankful that they have had a chance to see the world from atop the shoulders of the man who loves them more than anything in this world.

Thank you for showing me what an honest and true love should look and feel like, for not giving up on me or us and for loving our daughters with all you’ve got. Thank you for being the kind of father who has proven himself worthy of their hearts and all the love they have to give, and for even rescuing us from spiders. I love you and because of you I see Father’s Day as a beautiful day to pay tribute to the amazing men that walk the planet and in particular the amazing man who walked into my life and subsequently my child’s seven years ago.

Happy Father’s Day!


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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