Has the Extreme Wedding Photo Trend Gone Too Far?

extreme wedding photoWhatever happened to lining up outside and taking a pretty picture? Extreme wedding photos are all the rage now, and bridal parties are running down the street so they can Photoshop themselves being chased by dinosaurs and Star Wars creatures. In one Star Wars bridal photo, the wedding party isn’t being chased by attacking ships, but standing in wait ready to charge against the hovering enemy, the bride with a lightsaber in hand. Some couples are creating zombie wedding photo shoots and attacking their bridal party members using Street Fighter moves.

That’s all in good fun, and is totally fine as long as no one gets hurt. But what about the ‘Trash the Dress’ wedding photo shoots that have gone awry? Last year, in a terribly tragic story, a bride was swept away in a waterfall when her dress became too heavy and she drowned. Then last month “photographer Eric Simantov staged a trash the dress shoot that involved setting the bride’s dress on fire before she extinguished the flames in the ocean,” according to Deseret News. “All brides are looking for something that hasn’t been done before,” Simantov told ABC News. He says it was his idea to use real fire instead of Photoshop.

You can see a video of the shoot here. It looks insane to me. It’s one thing for a professional stunt man or woman to be set on fire while filming a movie, because a) they’re trained and b) that’s their job. But to allow someone to set you on fire just to get a “unique” photo of your wedding dress? That sounds like a really terrible, dumb, scary idea that could endanger your life and the lives of others. What do you think?

Image: iStock/PicMonkey

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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