Here Today, Here Tomorrow: 15 ‘Interesting’ Couple’s Tattoos (PHOTOS)

Yes. And yes.

Love is hard to contain, isn’t it.

A few times in our life, or even once if we’re really lucky,  love hits us hard right between the eyeballs and we end up spending at least a short period of time living up in the clouds, our sense of reality totally overtaken by this whole new feeling that comes with falling hard for someone.

Then if we’re really fortunate, the feeling remains in some capacity for a long long time. Of course, no body or mind can maintain that pure bliss that comes with being drunk on brand new love, but it is quite possible to keep much of it alive; people do it every day, huh?

Here in the 21st century one of the more interesting ways to shout your love from the proverbial mountaintops is to head on down to the local tattoo parlor with your better half.

There, the sky is the limit when it comes to professing your love in forever ink to each other, and to the world. Each couple is free to use their imagination and originality. Or, as is often the case, their incredibly strange taste. Either way, it’s pretty fun to look at the tattoos that other couples have gotten, huh?

So, let’s have a look at some of the more, shall we say, creative tattoos that some couples have chosen to show just how real their love is.

  • The Greatest Catch of All 1 of 15
    The Greatest Catch of All
    Yes, there are many fish in the sea. But judging by this couples ink, I'd say they each landed the right one.
  • PacMan Fever 2 of 15
    PacMan Fever
    Yeah, this one might date the couple a little bit. Hell, there are millions of kids who won't even know what this is. But still, I think it's awesome!
  • Meat & Veg 3 of 15
    Meat & Veg
    In love with an herbivore? No problem. Our differences are what's so great about us, right? These tats sort of tell a cool little love story in a way.
  • Anchors Away 4 of 15
    Anchors Away
    The nautical anchor represents steadiness in rough seas, right? These small tattoos say a lot then.
  • I Love You, I Know 5 of 15
    I Love You, I Know
    Ummmm, I don't know whether this is some weird kind of awesome or just plain demented? But who am I to say anyway. If nothing else though, this couple must have a high mutual threshold for severe pain; that HAD to have hurt.
  • Han Solo & Princess Leia 6 of 15
    Han Solo & Princess Leia
    Well, you could probably search the world over, many times even, and never find a set of couple's tattoos quite as remarkable as these two. Just fantastic. I hope they're still together.
  • Seriously? 7 of 15
    That's all I have to say about this really weird moment in the history of Earth. Is this even real? I hope not.
  • Dancing to the Same Song 8 of 15
    Dancing to the Same Song
    These are evidently some lyrics to a song by a band that this couple must really like. So, I guess that's pretty cool. But I could be very wrong.
  • Soul Mate 9 of 15
    Soul Mate
    Knuckle tattoos aren't just for prisoners, carnival workers, or heavy metal rock stars anymore now are they? Oh wait...they are?
  • Sushi Love 10 of 15
    Sushi Love
    This couple both love sushi. They want you to understand that. They even like the same rolls. What is that, eel?
  • Buzz Lightyear Love 11 of 15
    Buzz Lightyear Love
    When Buzz Lightyear came up with his famous tagline I wonder if he realized that young lovers would someday ink it into their skin? Probably not.
  • Sense of Place 12 of 15
    Sense of Place
    This is the outline of the state of Georgia that a couple got together. It only works when they're both in each others company. I think that is all kinds of awesome.
  • We Are Toast 13 of 15
    We Are Toast
    I don't necessarily think that lovers often want to think of their relationship as toast, but given the divorce rates nowadays, maybe this is one of the smarter tattoo sets we've seen.
  • Pinky Swear 14 of 15
    Pinky Swear
    Is that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Damn, I thought they were, I dunno, 'hipper'. Oh well, what's done is done.
  • Still Single??? 15 of 15
    Still Single???
    In the end, some people won't ever get a chance to get a tattoo with their sweetheart. I wonder why.

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