Hold the Phone! Texting May Be Ruining Intimacy Relationships

Phone CallI have one rule when dating in this tech-obsessed era – call me! And I tell men as such. Whenever I meet a guy, I am clear that texting is not a substitute for phone calls. Yes, he can text me once and a while, mostly to tell me he’s on his way. I’ll even take a sweet “good morning” text. But don’t text me all day. Pick up the phone and touch somebody. In this case, me!

Why the big deal? Because texting is informal. You can’t get to know someone if you’re not talking. Smiley face emoticons and “lol’s” don’t create a connection. Besides, if a man is only texting he may be texting other women. It’s just too easy.

And it doesn’t build intimacy.

According to a study, 82% of couples text their romantic partners multiple times a day, but feel texting doesn’t result in a close relationship. They surveyed 276 men and women in their early twenties that are in committed relationships: 38% were in a serious relationship, 46% engaged, and 16% married. They use texts to communicate with their partners but feel it isn’t quality communication. They aren’t having quality conversations over text. You can text ten times a day but if the message is as bland as saltless french fries it’s pointless.

How do you spice up your text messages? Couples in the study reported that loving messages made them feel warm inside. That can be an “I love you” text or “thinking of you.” And, of course, there’s also sexting. But you didn’t get that suggestion from me! (Insert winky face emoticon.)

So, texting can be used for good. Just balance texting with phone calls to establish a closer bond. Still, there’s nothing like having a man call you just because. His sexy voice accompanied by his efforts may just drive me to sexting.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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